Caesarstone and Wattyl Unite – two of Australia’s leading brands collaborate!


Caesarstone and Wattyl – two of Australia’s most trusted and innovative interiors brands – have announced a brilliant collaboration in which consumers will receive the latest and most stylish insights into creating sublime pairings of colours and materials in surface finishes and fittings for kitchens, bathrooms and open plan living areas.

Where to start and what goes with what have long been the biggest dilemmas for homeowners embarking on renovations.  Visualisation of colour and surface pairings is still a skill that evades most consumers – white is by far the most complex colour to understand and to match with other finishes. So the Wattyl and Caesarstone collaboration, in which a diverse collection of Caesarstone quartz surfaces are paired with Wattyl paint colours, will prove a precious and inspirational guide to many homeowners looking to update their interiors with confidence and flair.screenshot_5

The collaboration has created a series of palettes featuring a combination of Caesarstone surfaces and Wattyl paints, paired with metallic tapware finishes from Sussex and door cabinetry from Polytec.

Key to this interior design collaboration is the subtle diversity in colour palettes – ranging from crisp whites and softest greys to sublime neutrals and deep, dark charcoals and black.  And while neutrals are preferred by most consumers, Wattyl has introduced a few more saturated colours, showing how to use them to the best effect with surfaces and other decorative elements.screenshot_6

Best of all, the Wattyl/Caesarstone collaboration successfully walks the fine line between personalised colour choices and timeless style.  It caters for a wide selection of architectural themes and consumer demographics – from those who want to learn how to create a customised, on-trend statement kitchen or bathroom to those wanting to nail the effortless style and elegance of a colour palette that is perennially fresh.

“The Caesarstone brand has long been recognised for its premium durability and the fact that it resists stains and chipping – but we wanted to highlight the fact that these practical features are never at the expense of style and design.  Open plan living is a feature of most modern homes, whereby the kitchen, dining and living areas meld seamlessly – so selecting a colour and finishes palette is more complex than ever.  We wanted to help the consumer make the best choice, confident that their selection is based on the knowledge and expertise of professional colour specialists.screenshot_4

Our collaboration with Wattyl illustrates these inspirational, foolproof design opportunities in a very visual way,” said Linda Hannah, Caesarstone Australia senior brand manager.

“Consumers can lack confidence in their ability to pull a successful colour palette together.  They want something that expresses their personality and has the sophistication of a designer-led project – but they are unsure of how to get there.  This collaboration has enabled Wattyl, Australia’s longest standing paint brand, to give some really creative – and practical – examples of customised colour pairings.  Ones that are foolproof and yet inspirational,” said Sarah Stephenson, colour expert and Wattyl senior brand communications manager.

“This is just the beginning… we have plans to educate, inspire and engage consumers in creating bathrooms, kitchens and living areas that live up to their highest expectations.”

The Wattyl/Caesarstone collaboration can be view at and as well as at any Caesarstone showroom nationally.