Christmas Interior Décor 2022


Victory Curtains & Blinds shares their styling advice for the upcoming festive season.

Tables that make a statement
People are often scrutinised each year for the way they choose to decorate their table for Christmas. Do the placemats match the napkins? Are the crackers all facing in the same direction? It’s the ultimate competition for the most festive set-up. But what about the few months leading up to Christmas day… Why shouldn’t we take care of our dining tables then too?screenshot_11Get creative this Christmas and build a table to make a statement. Standing candles work perfectly as an eye-catching centrepiece, and when paired with a crimson table runner, the added festivity comes alive. Intertwine some fairy lights around the centrepiece and add some greenery or pine cones for that forestry feel.

Homemade tree decorations
Every year, we put the same baubles and decorations on the tree, so maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a change! It’s time to put your craft skills into play, as making your own homemade decorations is becoming the new thing for Christmas 2022. The great thing about making your own baubles is they can be tailored to suit the style of your tree. fabien-twb-8ye39squ3ci-unsplashBotanical Christmas baubles are super easy to make. All you need is a set of clear, plastic baubles that you can fill with holly, sparkles or a Christmas filling of your choice.

Dark colour schemes enhanced by gold accents
We all know the ”traditional” Christmas colours are red, white and green, but this Christmas – consider taking your interiors to the darker side. Navy will dominate festive decorating with gold accents bringing the deep colour to life. Mix and match navy and gold baubles on your tree for an elegant yet sophisticated finish. Your tree will never have looked so glam!

annie-spratt-quhix6x_yde-unsplashLayers of light
Bright lights are a must at Christmas to illuminate both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Stars on the Christmas tree, fairy lights on the table and lighted garlands are all the perfect accessories for indoors. josh-boot-2x19-mrqgx8-unsplashWhen it comes to sprucing up your lighting outdoors, festoon fairy lights are ideal. To add ambience, pair together several types of lighting such as twinkling and soft glow. For the finishing touch, spotlight the walkways so guests entering your home for the festivities can follow the light, just like Rudolph!

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