A Rainbow of Colour Advice from Wattyl


A new colour design service from Wattyl will give consumers professional in-home colour advice, and create an individually curated colour palette specifically for their home, room or house exterior.

Wattyl says some of its most frequent consumer feedback relates to the difficulty of knowing how a particular colour will look once on the wall – and where to start in choosing a colour that will stay current beyond a short-lived fashion cycle.

Colour – and its use – is a science says Sarah Stephenson, Wattyl’s national colour specialist.  “Paint colour is subject to change!  Any colour on any wall will be influenced by varying light levels, the colour of the floor and furnishings plus artificial light from lamps and LEDs.  It’s important to look at the undertones in a paint colour – something a lot of consumers find difficult to see,” said Sarah Stephenson.

“Many consumers say they can’t find a starting point for a successful colour palette for their living spaces – this is something that can be as simple as a tiny chip of old paint from some original woodwork or a thread from a favourite dress.  It can also be something a little more complex such as a heritage or architectural element,” she said.

Wattyl Colour Consult aims to take each consumer on their own journey of discovery, offering everything from a few ideas or inspiration to a fully itemised colour scheme that has been individually curated for a client, their home and its architectural style.

Wattyl Colour Consult is a national network of highly skilled colour stylists that provides a dedicated in-home service with participants receiving A5 samples of the final colour palette plus a 30 per cent discount on all Wattyl paints and stains purchased after the consultation.

Consumers simply contact their local Wattyl Paint Centre – there are 74 nationally – or go to www.wattyl.com.au to make an appointment for an in-home consultation.

The Wattyl In-Home Colour Consult, with a professional colour stylist, starts at $175 for a standard, one hour consultation.