London Design Festival 2019: New launches from British furniture designer Daniel Schofield



Schofield is collaborating for the first time with globally renowned British-furniture brand ercol, who have commissioned to design a range of occasional tables. The resulting designs reflect ercol and Schofield’s combined love of craftsmanship, whilst also celebrating a contemporary aesthetic, which, like ercol’s design classics, will stand the test of time.screenshot_5


The Tenon Tables collection are a series of sculptural pieces which are the result of a pragmatic approach to both construction and design.

Excess material is removed where it is not required which leaves the bottom of the tables weighted and stable. This design approach naturally creates a joint for the top of the table. The oversized wedged tenon joint becomes the key focal point of the piece, also lending its name to the design. The tenon highlights the construction of the piece as well as ercol’s long-standing reputation for quality of craftsmanship.


In addition, Schofield has also designed the Ore Tables, a series that seeks to extend ercol’s material palette by pairing its beautifully crafted wood with cast iron. Schofield chose cast iron as its production and honesty matched the natural beauty and strength of the oak and walnut he has paired it with.

The bases are sand cast and painted black to present a family of tables that are elegant yet sturdy and highly functional. A purposefully thin base allows the design to slide under and up-to sofas and chairs and blends seamlessly into the table stem.


Launching this September at 100% Design, the Backer Chair is Daniel Schofield’s first design for Hayche, the award-winning British contract furniture and chair maker.

The Backer Chair has the sturdiness and comfort of a solid wood chair paired with the comfort and ergonomics of a formed ply seat, whilst possessing elegant details to create a refined and considered design. Schofield juxtaposes the seemingly light-weight nature of the plywood shell with a robust design that is slim in profile with sweeping curves and sophisticated in style.

The Backer Chair is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind and is manufactured in Italy from oak. It is available in natural oak or stained oak in burgundy, blue and black.