Presenting Desenio’s Holiday Collection


Get in the holiday spirit with these new art prints for the festivities ahead! For the first time ever Desenio are launching a collection of art prints designed especially for the holiday season.

The idea behind this collection came to them after their customers requested festive art styles to decorate their homes with for the holidays. The team say that it has been really fun creating a new kind of holiday decoration for this cosy time of year. pr-holiday2

The collection consists of 20 art prints in different styles ranging from photo art to festive quotes and illustrations. All the prints follow a colour palette consisting of muted browns, greens and reds. Each piece works beautifully on its own or paired together to create a festive gallery wall.

“We think this collection is the perfect way to add some holiday spirit to your walls and home, ” says Annica Wallin, executive Creative

The art prints come in various sizes, ranging from 13×18 to 50×70 cm. Prices start at £4,95. See more at