How to Make Your Front Door Functional and Attractive


There’s no greater joy than getting your own house or an apartment in a Melbourne suburb. When you take a walk down Epping’s lovely streets, you can see some wonderful homes, and the first thing you notice about them is the front door. So, if you’ve got the house of your dreams, make sure the front door is as inviting as you want your home to be. Here are a few ideas on how to make your front door one of your home’s best and most attractive features.

Words: Diana Smithimage-1

Types of front doors
When choosing a front door, first you have to think about the material and then the style of the door you’d like. The most common types of front door materials are wood, fiberglass and metal. You can opt for the traditional, modern, rustic, craftsman or arched door, whichever suits the overall style of your home, as well as your own. Your door can be full, or have various panels. These panels can be made of translucent, frosted or even coloured glass; you can have one big panel, or several smaller ones. Plus, their shape varies from square and round to irregular. Considering all your options before even installing a front door allows you some creativity from the very beginning.image-2

Ways to improve front door safety
Other than looking nice, your front door should provide you with safety. This can be achieved in a number of ways, first of which is to buy a door with a solid core, so that they can’t be broken or kicked in easily. Also, you should think about upgrading your locks. You need them to be made of strong metal and installed properly. Therefore, instead of doing it yourself, find a reliable and professional locksmith in Epping to do it for you. And while they’re there, get them to lengthen the set screws on your door, for extra safety. If your door has glass panels, make sure they’re too small to reach the lock through them; otherwise, add bars or place security film over the glass surfaces to avoid any safety issues. Other ways to keep your front door safe is to install an alarm system or video monitoring, so that you know when somebody’s trying to tamper with it and get into your home.image-5

Front door colour
Most homeowners decide on neutral tones, so the vast majority of front doors are plain white, or a shade of wood. However, that’s not the only way to do it. You can have your front door in any colour you find appealing. For example, there are some who paint their door sunny yellow in combination with a white door frame and home façade. Bold blue or bright red will give an impact to the appearance of your home; purple, orange or grass green might give a cheerful note to your home, while there’s a certain elegance about indigo and black doors.image-3

Decorating your front door
Another way of making your front door look nice is through decorating it. And this doesn’t mean you should wait for the holidays to put a Christmas wreath on your front door for a week or so. You can decorate your front door whenever you want to. Hanging a chalkboard sign with a nice frame, in a shape and size of your choosing, can make your front door look very homely and welcoming, especially if you write messages to support that look. You might want to hang a flower basket on your door and change the flowers from time to time to add some diversity, a spring or summer flower-wreath, or even an empty picture frame. Also, you can decorate your front door by decorating around it, by placing big flower pots or two vintage lanterns on both sides of your door.

By choosing the right kind of door and decorating it to reflect your or your family’s personality, you can make your home look friendly and beautiful. So, allow your creativity to shine over your front door and become the highlight of your neighbourhood.