Great Dane Presents Its 2021 Design Forecast

With the new year on the horizon, it’s time to bid farewell to a year that was challenging, unpredecented and filled with change. This year has seen people reconsider their priorities and alter their approach to living, embracing newer habits in the process. One of these was dividing the work week between the office and the home.

With working from home expected to become part of the average working week in the new year, the design forecast for 2021 has evolved to demonstrate how people might want to make their living spaces more comfortable and welcoming. Homeowners and renters alike are transforming their homes to foster warmth and wellness, and the new year will continue to champion this approach. Great Dane presents design approaches that will take centerstage in 2021:

Tranquility through design: With design being a response to human needs, the new year will place value on instilling balance and calm in the living spaces, making it a place where one can switch off from work, technology and endless notifications. Living spaces feel calmer when bathed in natural light and design elements that evoke a sense of being one with nature. Design trends in the new year will seek to achieve calmness and serenity through natural textures, forms, colours and aesthetics.

Natural aesthetics: Leaving behind a year that was filled with uncertainty, people are looking to embrace simplicity in their lives, seeking comfort in a pared back, natural aesthetic. An increased emphasis on wellness and good health will also lead to the popularity of homewares and decor that encourage a balanced approach to living, along with incorporating plants and flowers that will help bring nature indoors.

Warm, earthy colour palettes: Pristine white interiors will make way to embrace earthy tones, from terracotta and soft browns to olive and rust. An earthy colour palette brings to life an innate desire to connect with the natural environment, and can be easily introduced to white-on-white living spaces in modern and rustic homes alike. The palette infuses warmth in any space, making it the retreat that one can look forward to at the end of each day.

Woven, textural details: Woven design details in homewares and furniture became popular once again in 2020, and the new year will be no different. Woven materials can range from leather and cord to rattan and more, bringing with it tremendous design potential. An extension of the natural aesthetic, they add lightness and varying textures to any space, indoors or outdoors. Woven textures will also help add visual depth to the living spaces in the home, making it more layered and inviting.

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