Great Dane Showcases Highlights From Stockholm Fair


The prestigious Stockholm Furniture Fair has grown into Scandinavia’s marquee annual event for architects, designers and journalists seeking to uncover the latest trends and innovations to hit the markets. The Fair attracts a global audience and is renowned for showcasing considered designs, keeping sustainability at its forefront.

This year was no exception, with design aficionados introduced to a host of innovative designs and products, evoking Scandinavian standards of craftsmanship.

As a curator of Scandinavian furniture and lighting in Australia, Great Dane travels to the Fair each year to discover the latest in the industry, and to meet with designers leading the way in considered design. Its extensive and carefully sourced selection of classic and contemporary pieces are representative of timeless design, perfect for every aesthetic.great-dane_fredericia_nanna-ditzel-easy-chair-1

Great Dane is excited to present the highlights from Stockholm Furniture Fair:

Borge Mogensen Canvas Chair and BM62 chair from Fredericia: The Canvas Chair, originally designed by Børge Mogensen for Fredericia is being re-released later this year. A signature Møgensen design, the Canvas Chair embodies simple structural forms, pared with soft, neutral materials. Given its broad width, the Canvas Chair reflects the values of today’s society, and the desire to live a down-to-earth lifestyle, seeing the design of the chair merging work and play in comfort.

Fredericia’s BM62 chair, also designed by Børge Mogensen, presents a solid wood frame with the choice of cane wicker or linen webbing. By carefully calibrating the angle of the backrest, it’s a simple yet striking dining chair that’s comfortable before, during and after dinner and its slender design involves only what’s crucial to the construction.

A softer aesthetic with brown tones: Soft tones, neutral sandy colours, earthy browns and contrasting textural elements were prominent throughout this year’s Fair, as designers look to the natural environment for inspiration.

Rich and warm, yet a neutral colour, brown tones range from a subtle beige to a more striking walnut. They can add drama to smaller spaces or help add cosiness to larger ones. Neutral sandy colours and earthy browns dominated most colour palettes from brands at the Fair, manifesting itself in varying ways across different brands.

String System Brown and String Pocket Neon: The addition of softer brown rails may seem obvious, however, as with all things String, it’s the detail of the colour and finish that ensures the success of this piece. The colour is warm, yet soft and the finish is textured and matte. Adding this colour to either walnut and oak will soften the way the String System plays on a wall, bringing a muted and subtle tone to a space.

String Pocket Neon is a unique addition to the range, perfect for injecting a pop of colour into a space without it becoming overbearing. The choice of colours was decided in coordination with renown stylist Lotta Agaton, who works closely with the String Furniture team. Colours were determined by the tones which harmonise with the existing String palette. Mounted on a white wall, the shelf will give character and excitement to any room.

Asplund Tokyo collection: Asplund’s Tokyo Collection consists of four unique storage pieces with veneers in rare types of wood. The collection marks the start of a new storage series, to be launched later this year. Designed by Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, each piece is accentuated by a unique and natural pattern found in the timber. The result is a striking series for the centre of the room which can be combined with almost any style.

With Asplund, several steps in the production process are completed by hand, with most pieces made to order in factories in Tibro and Mullsjö in Sweden. Asplund is deeply engaged in the processes — from sketches to the finished products — and often customises items to meet individual clients’ needs and preferences.

Glassworks from Skrufs: Skrufs is a glass blowing factory located in rural Sweden, that keeps the incredible craft alive through the contemporary designs of Carina Seth Anderson. Glassworks from the brand will be introduced at Great Dane later this year.

Founded in 1897, all products in Skrufs’ range are manufactured in Skruv, Sweden. Here, all glass is made by hand into the smallest detail. At Skrufs, tradition and innovation are combined with high quality and high artistic content.

Palmgrens: New to Great Dane, Palmgrens has consistently developed a range that champions both raw material and craftsmanship, with a clear imprint on the basis of its history. The store is situated in Stockholm and showcases Palmgrens’ exquisitely made and classically designed home accessories that enrich everyday experiences.

The vegetable tanned leather combined with the preservation of a genuine craft tradition is the basis of all production. The use of leather, paired with other materials such as wood, glass and silver has evolved into collaborations with highly renowned craftsmen of various fields, continuing the tradition of collaboration between different artistic fields. great-dane_fredericia_borge-mogensen-canvas-chair-1