How to Add a Sunroom to Your Home


A sunroom is one of the most common additions you could construct in your home. It adds flexible living space and you can adapt it as you please as time goes by. It’s also a perfect addition to those who live a casual lifestyle and organize their home to fit entertaining guests and having friends over.

There are many ways to add this room to your home, in terms of construction and design, and it’s important to choose the right one for you to both save money and make the construction process less difficult.

Words: Amelia Atkins

Cheerful colors

When you plan for the sunroom, you should think of it in a holistic sense. Start thinking about the color palette and the way the room will be designed and decorated. That way, you can use the lights and the positioning of the home to improve and emphasize these characteristics.

Since it’s a room that was made to be exposed to sunlight and to be bright and cheerful, the décor and the furniture should reflect that fact as well. Go with noticeable colors in both the carpets and walls and they will look open and welcoming.

Know the setup

It’s also useful to know the setup of the room you’re making before you start the construction process. Using prefab steel formwork will allow you to assemble the room as you’ve imagined it offsite and to add it to your home with less mess and less work.

For instance, the whole room may be set up around a nook at the end of it that’s also a large window frame. That way, you have more space in the center of the room and the actual tasks you would do in it would be moved to the area where you have the most light.


Often times, these rooms don’t have too many beams or supporting walls which makes them appear large, spacious, and empty. It’s just much of a fault as it is an advantage and you need to do something to fill the space up.

This is best done by having a large chandelier at the center of the room. It depends on what the rest of the room will look like, but this chandelier could be as modern or as rustic as you need it to be and don’t hesitate for it to be noticeable.2

Electric fireplace

A sunroom will look bright and welcoming during the summer on its own, but you need to take a few extra steps to make it as hospitable during the winter when there’s less sunlight. An attractive way of doing so is to install an electric fireplace.

Combine this feature with a comfy and warm overall décor and you’ll get a perfect winter look for your sunroom. It’s not a complicated addition to install and once it’s done, it requires little to no maintenance overall.

A patio

It’s possible to combine this enclosed type of addition with an open patio. The patio can, therefore, come as an extension of the sunroom. There’s no need to invest in covering such a patio which means it will be even less expensive to set up. However, you should take the time to make it seem as a part of the sunroom in terms of décor.

This can be done with simple tweaks such as using the same color for both inside furniture and outside seating area for the patio and by lighting both in the same fashion.

A sunroom is one of the easiest and the most versatile additions you could construct for your home. The key is to know how you plan to use it and design it before you start any construction work.