Ideas for a Classy Ensuite Bathroom


An en-suite bathroom is any homeowner’s dream, and there are infinite options when it comes to redecorating. An en-suite bathroom gives you that personal space you’ve always wanted. It’s a room in the house that’s completely yours, so you can do whatever you like with it! Since an en-suite is the epitome of a luxury home, what’s better than to keep it classy? Here are a few ideas to style, decorate and renovate your bathroom into a classy en-suite!

Words: Johanna Cider

Space Planning
When it comes to classing up an en-suite bathroom, planning your space is essential. Everyone would love to have an enormous bathroom to dance and twirl in, but it’s not a necessity when it comes to creating a luxury en-suite. Online bathroom planners are a great tool to use, particularly if you have a compact space to work with.

Utilising the space on your bathroom walls and installing storage and shelving will reduce clutter, making it look bigger. Placing a large hanging mirror on the walls will also add dimension to the room and give an illusion of a bigger bathroom. The most important thing, however, is to assess your needs. How do you use your bathroom? It’s important to have a functional bathroom rather than one that just looks good.

Smart and Stylish Blinds
Lighting plays a huge part in the overall look of your bathroom. Make the most of natural light wherever possible, installing stylish smart blinds to add some privacy when needed. The first thing to think about when choosing your blinds is the positioning of the windows. How far away from the windows are the bath or shower? Are they likely to get wet? If so, blinds made from PVC fabrics are recommended. Adding stylish blinds will give your entire bathroom an elegant and classy feel. Choose relaxing colours that compliment your bathroom design! The options are endless.

In addition to natural light, overhead lighting can change the entire look of your en-suite bathroom. A lot of the time, it’s overlooked when you move into a new home because it’s not on the priority list. There are many ways to style up your bathroom with different lighting choices. Install a pendant for a classy look. Light up your shower and bathtub so you can dim the overall bathroom while you relax in a spa-like atmosphere. When choosing the lighting for your vanity, avoid lighting that points downward. This gives a harsh and unflattering look for when you’re putting on makeup or styling your hair. The right lighting can transform your en-suite and give it a designer feel.

Colour and Vibes
A clean en-suite bathroom is a classy one, and what says clean better than pristine white? Restricting the colour scheme of your bathroom gives it an elegant look. Going all-white is a popular choice and actually makes your bathroom look bigger.

Limiting the amount of colour also gives you the option of adding bright and colourful accessories without looking tacky. Since your en-suite bathroom is yours, incorporating a theme will help personalise the area. Decide on an accent colour that compliments the overall bathroom and add towels, bathmats and other accessories. This is a perfect way to make your bathroom fun while keeping it classy.

When it comes to redecorating or redesigning an en-suite bathroom, there are countless things to think about. A transformation doesn’t have to involve a huge budget. If you have the right tips and tricks, you can have the classy en-suite bathroom you’ve always wanted. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to transform your current en-suite bathroom into a beautiful, functional and classy haven.