I’m dreaming of a white kitchen

Image via Sarah Sherman Samual Image via Sarah Sherman Samual

It’s no secret that white kitchens are all the rage right now, but how do we avoid falling into the trap of making them look clinical? The last thing you want is to create something akin to your local medical centre, so we spoke to Michelle Hart, owner of Bask Interiors about how to create the perfect timeless all-white kitchen.

Words: Catherine Falalis

Michelle suggests that one great way to break up an all-white kitchen is to add timber elements such as wooden chopping boards or wooden spoons in a utensil canister near the stove, perhaps even a wooden fruit bowl.

“Timber automatically adds warmth and texture to a space,” she says. “Also, bringing in some greenery makes a huge difference and can make the kitchen feel alive.”


You can do this simply by using potted plants, herbs or foliage on the bench. Alternatively, Michelle suggests adding some pops of colour with accessories including vases, flowers, mugs and kitchen appliances. Even fruit in a bowl can instantly add some colour and liven the room. Employing some of these techniques will ensure a more relaxed room to be in.


If you’re anything like me though, monochromatic tones take preference – so how can those who prefer their blacks, greys and whites make their kitchen pop?

“For those who prefer to display less colour in their kitchens, my suggestion is to add different textures instead,” Michelle says.


“Adding different materials such as a mortar & pestle in black marble automatically brings in another texture. The kitchen will need a mix of things that are glossy and smooth (marble) and some that are matte and more textured (ceramics) and keep the tones monochromatic. Keep all your appliances neutral and accessories simple and use touches of timber to help bring in the warmth and keep it feeling balanced.”


Lighting also plays an important part when going down the all-white route, particularly natural light being of great use to brighten the space. Unfortunately, a lot of natural light may not always be available so Michelle suggests to use down lights to direct light onto task areas such as over the sink, near the stove and adding feature pendant lights over the kitchen island bench where possible.

“I’ve also seen LED lights under cabinetry to bring in more light or for mood lighting.  The best solution is to bring in more natural light if possible through installing a sky light if there wasn’t a window or enough light coming in through an existing one,” she says.

Image via est_living
Image via est_living

Bask Interiors top 7 timeless kitchen elements:

  • Marble
  • Natural Stone
  • Concrete
  • Ages Brass Tapware
  • Monochrome details
  • Subway Tiles
  • All White Cabinetry

So what does Michelle forecast the kitchen trends will be over the next 12 months?

Funnily enough, Michelle has seen a move towards “darker and moodier kitchens, a contrast to the all-white kitchen we are used to seeing.”

“There is also a big move towards integrated appliances in kitchens – hidden dishwashers and fridges, seamlessly blended into cabinetry,” she says. “Sleek appliances like induction stove cook tops for fast heat and ease of cleaning, double ovens to include a steam oven and warming plate drawers, also wine fridges are becoming the norm too.”

Image via Home Beautiful

“In terms of materials, I’m noticing marble for bench tops and splash backs are still ever popular, terrazzo tiles are so hot right now, large thin porcelain sheets are being installed as splash backs as well as geometric tiles still holding strong popularity.”

And guess what? Handles are also making a comeback! “For a while, everyone wanted flush panelled kitchen drawers that were push to open or finger pull for an understated look.  Now I am seeing more and more drawers and cupboards with handles and all quite unique which can help carry a kitchen towards a certain style or up to the next level in luxury,” explains Michelle.

Image via The Designory

Last but not least, the walk in pantry (if you have room for one) – decked out with sink, dishwasher and cabinetry. Michelle is even seeing filtered boiling water/ice cold water taps pop up in more kitchens now as well, adding even more of a luxurious element to the space.

As you can see, by adopting some very simple yet effective techniques, your all white kitchen doesn’t have to be boring, nor clinical!

For more information on Bask Interiors please visit their website.

Image via Plyroom
Image via Plyroom