Magnificent murals: custom printed tiled artwork by JennoliART adds an edgy statement to your space


If you’re looking for a fun way to create a unique feature wall within your home or commercial premises, why not consider a custom printed tile mural? For years, wallpaper has been the go-to material to create atmosphere within bedrooms and living spaces however JennoliART based in New South Wales, offers an expansive range of tiled services to suit a multitude of projects. We spoke to Heide Scherer, owner of JennoliART to gain some more insight into the rising trend of printed tiling.

Words: Catherine Falalis
Photography: Supplied

Coming from a graphic arts background, Heide and her husband have always been excited about colour and hold a real love for alternative home décor. “Being drawn to things which are a little different and that you won’t find anywhere else, we recognised a real niche in the market for tiles which are unique and personalised,” says Heide.


“We thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could dream up anything at all and have it put onto a tile mural which can then be an amazing feature in your home? – so that’s just what we did!”


Their passion quickly grew into their business but one thing that really inspired them at the beginning of their endeavours were largescale graffiti artworks with vibrant colouring.

“We thought it was a shame that the incredible art that graffiti artists create can sometimes disappear overnight, always being painted over. So we decided to approach artists and immortalise their works on tiles. That kick started everything!” she explains.

“Street art is always unique because often they are one off pieces which won’t be replicated anywhere else. A splash of colour brightens up any space, but a great way to install a graffiti tile mural would be within an industrial look bathroom or bar. We have had customers do this before and it just looks so cool and edgy.”

Melbourne Street Art Bar Splashback
Melbourne Street Art Bar Splashback

JennoliART now creates murals for both residential and commercial properties. Their murals have been installed within hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, as well as homes. “A popular choice for councils, schools and clubs is to create a memorial tile wall to celebrate a milestone or preserve history,” says Heide.

Offering bespoke custom printed tiles basically means that they can recreate any artwork, pattern or image on a tile or tile mural for whatever size or quantity necessary. The design is only limited by imagination! Each order is handled individually with design assistance, creative advice and the highest quality finish.



With the options being endless, we asked Heide what some of her favourite designs have been to date.

“We can genuinely say that we are excited by all of our customer’s choices. As our tiles are always bespoke, it’s amazing what ideas people come up with. One of the creations that stays in our mind is that of a customer of ours who went to an enormous effort to create their imagined mural. They fell in love with a beautiful Walter Crane artwork and so the rights to it were purchased from a British library. That’s the thing about our murals, they are long lasting and a worthwhile investment to get exactly what you dreamed of in a space which will be admired each day,” she says.

Walter Crane
Walter Crane

“The best part of the job is seeing the final result, when the mural is completely installed – and also when we receive the happy feedback.”

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