Living Room Decor Ideas with Irresistible Modern Charm


n matters of functionality and comfort, sometimes design details can be a bit overlooked, however, they can unquestionably make or break the overall interior design. Explore a series of living room decor ideas that underline the importance of creating a space with a detailed essence.

The Living room is one of the best home divisions to truly showcase one’s design aesthetic. Consequently, it is the idyllic place to experiment with color palettes, layers of texture and patters, and layout in regards to furniture, lighting, and accessories while never neglecting the importance of having a highly comfortable and stylish living area.

Revive Your Living Room with Art Deco Features
The Art Deco style has always been a favorite among designers and homeowners alike mainly due to its visual and historic appeal. Bold geometric patterns, unusual yet expensive materials, and linear decoration are some of the intricate characteristics that best define this beloved design style. Take, for instance, this exquisite living room interior by DD Interior Studio highlights a comprehensive range of Art Deco-styled furnishings with geometric allure as well as an astounding lighting installation, not to mention the gold accents that can be found throughout, including in the Hendrix decorative hardware piece that adorns a metallic door.screenshot_5
Opt for Irregularly Shaped Designs
Designs that benefit from an irregular shape often have an eye-catching allure to them that could be of great assistance in shaping one’s living room design, from smaller details like peculiar drawer handles to more large scale ones such as a curvaceous sofa or even asymmetrical rugs.screenshot_3
Modernity in the Form of Moody Elegance
The concept of luxurious living has certainly evolved over the years. Modern luxury is about blending beautiful designs and plush materials, thus creating a layered and refined interior space. Moodier atmospheres comprised of darker colors and pops of gold have become rather trendy as of late as their timeless and sophisticated character is undeniable. To lighten up the mood a bit, make sure that your living room receives plenty of natural lighting or alternately install a mirror as it adds depth and boosts more amount of light.
A Serene Color Palette Will Always Be In Fashion

While one can experiment with any sort of color palette, from bolder and vibrant shades to pastel hues, and as previously mentioned darker tones, there are a few colors that have a universal-like character and become a perfect complement to living spaces. Using various tones of greens, grays, and blues is an astounding form of evoking tranquility and harmony to your home. Another color scheme that you can’t go wrong with is earth tones. These subdued colors are bound to provide serenity and bring a bit of the outdoors inside.screenshot_4

Introduce More Textures and Fewer Patterns
The purpose of introducing different types of textures into a living room is to add visual interest and this strategy assuredly allows you to create a layered interior. Try to mix your design elements as much as possible for a close-knit look, say, for example, place a yellow linen pillow against a velvet armchair of a similar tone or adorn your modular living room furniture with textured designs like the Kesya decorative hardware.screenshot_5
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