Meet the Design Duo Changing the Perth Furniture Market


In 2015 – Founders Bianca and Marcus discovered a gap in the Perth retail market while renovating their suburban home – now they own one of Australia’s most reputable interior styling and furniture hubs.

If you’ve ever seen an Instagram post from Zephyr and Stone or Build Her Collective, there’s a high chance there’s a Granite Lane product in the shot.

A first of its kind in Perth, Granite Lane was born in 2015 after founders Bianca and Marcus discovered a gap in the Perth home interiors market while renovating their suburban home. As a labour of love and imagination – the design duo began developing and curating their own furniture and homewares collection.

You’ll find Granite Lane in the northern suburbs of Perth, where Bianca and Marcus have built up a team of passionate stylists and interior lovers. Their mission is simple – fill Australian spaces with unique, sustainable and modern pieces that express each client’s personality, creativity and curiosity. classique-round-dining-table-natural1In their own words, Granite Lane “celebrates Australian living, carefully considered and sustainable pieces and fine craftsmanship.” From developing their own furniture and homewares collection, collaborating with local designers to sourcing modern art and importing global brands, the design duo is changing the game for Perth design lovers.

“Back in 2015, we struggled to source modern design-led pieces for our home. A lot of the furniture we loved was over in Melbourne or Sydney. Not only did we want to look and feel the product itself, but we also wanted to support local retailers,” says Bianca.

From this gap in the market, Bianca and Marcus took the plunge and decided to create their own collection of pieces and offer a holistic approach to retail with their showroom. screenshot_21“At the time, it was a huge risk. We left the comfort of full-time jobs and incomes. But we believed in Granite Lane and were so passionate about making modern pieces available to the Perth market. It’s certainly a risk that has paid off,” says Marcus.

Six years on, Granite Lane now stands as one of Australia’s most reputable interior styling and furniture hubs.

Over the last 24 months, the duo has started designing their own range of products building a huge collection of modern bathroom and floor mirrors, rugs, locally made sofas and homewares exclusive to Granite Lane.

So, what’s next for Granite Lane?

“We now have a team of interior stylists, so we are not only focussing on building our product range but also the consulting side of things,” Bianca says. cabo-chair1“We believe the best way to inspire our clients is to create a design community of products and experiences. Our clients can collaborate with us and build a home that inspires them daily.”

In their latest collection of Studio Mirrors, the team designed their mirrors with bathrooms in mind (which mean no MDF). The range includes arch, oval and round in a range of finishes including a new oak collection they launched late last year.

If you’re in Perth, do yourself a favour and pop into the Osborne Park showroom where you can expect a welcoming team of designers and an ever-evolving collection of modern Australian pieces.

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