Original BTC - Drop Three pendants - kitchen lighting - lifestyle - Portrait Original BTC - Drop Three pendants - kitchen lighting - lifestyle - Portrait

New for Spring/Summer 21, the Drop Three is the final instalment in Original BTC’s Drop collection. Following the journey of a droplet of water as it falls through the air, the new bone china pendant reflects the final stage as the droplet flattens then splashes up as it hits the ground. Designed in 2001, a year before Original BTC’s acquisition of its bone china factory, the Drop Three was so technically challenging to manufacture, it was pulled from the collection. Today, thanks to nearly two decades of investment in the Stoke-on-Trent factory’s team and capabilities, the Drop Three has finally landed.

Pushing bone china to its very limits, the Drop Three uses highly skilled, labour-intensive processes to create its beautifully curved form. Sculptural and organic, the rounded shade is slip cast using a two-part mould so heavy it requires four hands to lift. Turned upside down, the mould is filled to its brim with liquid clay. “The challenge is pouring out the excess slip as it gets stuck in the curves,” explains Director Charlie Bowles.

Sculptural when off, the shade comes to life when switched on. Maximising bone china’s translucency and luminosity, the bulb is positioned high up in the shade, illuminating the top of the Drop and creating a ring of ambient light through the curved lip. Unlike its predecessors, available in either a gloss or matte finish, the final Drop is presented unglazed, to emphasise bone china’s natural purity. The hand-smoothed shade is fitted with a satin brass cap, cord grip, grey cotton braided cable and a matching bone china ceiling rose echoing the Drop Three’s voluptuous lines.