Pairing functionality with aesthetic appeal


Bedside tables might be one of the most practical additions in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Bespoke furniture makers Black & Key have created the perfect bedside piece that not only exudes luxury but has been designed with functionality in mind.

As the name suggests, the Arc Bedside Table in Half Moon Shape is a stunning curved piece with a straight back so it can sit flush against a wall. Bedroom essentials can be stowed on top of the table, within an embedded shelf or within the table’s two drawers.

Alistair Black, Black & Key’s Production Manager said: “I love the challenge of creating essential pieces. My goal is always to create a piece that our clients want to buy because they fall in love with it, not because they simply need it.”

The Arc Bedside Table in Half Moon Shape is sold in pairs and like the rest of Black & Key’s pieces, can be customised entirely.

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