Phosforma introduces Arcdecor by Macrolux


Phosforma proudly reveals an exclusive preview of the Arcdecor Puck collection – a lavish range of lighting elements designed and manufactured in Treviso, Italy by Macrolux

This innovative collection combines functionality with aesthetic simplicity and artisan flair, featuring eight variations on the theme of high-end 50s-style decor. 

True to the timeless elegance that Italian design is renowned for, the collection is brought to life through anodized aluminium, finished in a stunning palette of matte black, matte white, and bronze. 

Crowning the range is the limited edition Puck Five suspended lighting fixture, designed to commemorate the forthcoming Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, for which 2026 items will be produced.

Puck Five
Puck Five

The five rings symbolise the Olympic rings and the five continents, emitting stunning ambient, diffused light, while the central projector provides direct light – a mix that permits the creation of various atmospheres for alternate settings. 

This kind of attention to detail thoughtfully “enhances the harmony of interiors, both aesthetically and functionally,” as best expressed by Macrolux. 

Puck Five features double bi-emission LED, plus LED 26° independently for both the light fixtures and the single spot downlight, allowing for flexible management via the included control. 

By choosing to upgrade the control to a Macrolux Casambi wireless control driver, you are offered a wide range of control scenarios that can be managed through mobile devices or voice commands, including candlelight mode of the projector for example.

The Casambi controller allows for simple, intuitive lighting control via the Casambi app for smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. It’s functions include:

  • On/off
  • Brightness adjustment (dimming)
  • Creation and scheduling of scenes
  • Lamp groups and individual control. 

This feature is an option for each product in the range, including Puck – the cornerstone design of the range, as its name implies. 


Puck is a wall-mounted fixture featuring a painted double glass screen that creates a delicate distribution of light, with one LED for both direct and indirect emission. 

The contrast between the straight rod and the circular elements provides a structured, contemporary edge, and although simplistic in form, it is a striking feature that will add significant visual interest to the space in which it is placed.  

The option of a front cover allows for unidirectional emission, perfect for hallways, bedrooms, or bathrooms where softer lighting may be required. 

Puck Cover

By comparison, Puck 48 takes simplistic to minimalistic with the added benefit of versatile, architectural application – either horizontally or vertically on a track from the Macrolux ‘Track Design’ collection.

The track invites expression and exploration in the way it is applied, whether it be along ceilings or walls. The Puck 48 lights can be situated anywhere on the track and faced in any direction to illuminate different aspects of the interior design via the direct and indirect light source that the product features. 

Puck 48
Puck 48

In addition to the products featured, the collection also includes the Puck Lite, Puck Small, Puck Mono, Puck Three, and Puck One – each reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship and creativity that the Macrolux name has become synonymous with.

Puck Three
Puck Three

Defined by its creators as a ‘movement’ rather than merely a new collection, Arcdecor marks a significant phase of evolution for Macrolux, marked by a very balanced and refined amalgamation of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. Puck is the first collection of this movement. 

It is available for order in October 2023 from Phosforma, exclusive partner of Macrolux in Australia.


By Elena Anagnostakis