Office building Sanlucar Fruit by sanahuja&partners


Thanks to their typical and unique vision inspired by their Mediterranean origins, sanahuja&partners has been able to adapt in each of its projects and above all to listen to the needs and expectations of their clients.

With values shared by the architecture studio and Sanlucar, such as ecology and sustainability, for this new project, sanahuja&partners makes it a point of honour to reveal through the architecture the values that the company transmits through the products it grows and markets.

Ecology, sustainability, quality and freshness are the brand’s driving forces, in line with our modern society and the increasingly responsible choices of consumers.

To approach the conception of this project it was essential to consider the importance of its emblematic and representative character for the company. As a real place of identity, the architecture of this place must be able to transcribe a certain brand image, an identity, significant to Sanlucar.sanlucar-18-1

Each partner must be able to relate to it, find the common values that unite him to the company in order to carry out their business in the best possible environment.

To do this, the construction of this multinational’s flagship headquarters was divided into two phases.

As a first step, an extension was planned with the addition of a new building and then the restructuring and renovation of the existing facilities was started, ultimately uniting these two spaces into a single office complex.

Thus, this impactful new space, although somewhat fragmented on its northern and southern sides, blend into the current building through the large hall in their centre.

The major expression load of the project is concentrated in this articulated space by flooding it with natural light to feed the vertical and horizontal gardens it houses, within which the main staircase of symbolic character passes, making it no longer just a practical element but a crucial element in the aesthetic of the interior.


The basic idea of the interior design was to create very flexible spaces with a high degree of comfort for its permanent users and visitors.

The use of natural materials combined with the most efficient systems and installation conception, (passive) solar control systems, lighting domotization or electric vehicles, as well as the introduction of vegetation as a natural and healthy ornamental element, make this building a commitment to the most sustainable architecture from an economic, environmental and social point of view.sanlucar-12