Tips on How to Make Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger


Bathrooms used to be the afterthought when it comes to interior design. However, stylish bathroom remodels have become all the rage throughout Australia (and Brisbane is no exception). The question is usually – what can one do with a space that is typically cramped? If you like to see your own creative print on every square inch of your household and bathroom is your final frontier, here are some useful tips on how to make small bathrooms appear bigger.

Words: Diana Smith

Keep it bright (and white)
If you want your bathroom space (or any space) to appear bigger, the color white is your biggest asset. It will not only make your bathroom appear airy and big, it will also add that hygienic sheen that is meant to reflect the cleanliness and antiseptic nature of the bathroom. After all, this is the one room where the word “clean” means everything.keep-it-bright-and-white

If you have a small window in your bathroom, use the opportunity of renovation to broaden the frame and make sure more natural light comes in. White does not absorb light – it refracts it, which adds to the cumulative effect of making the entire space appear more bright and roomy. This is a good canvas for adding further details which make all the difference.

Use a floating vanity
Floating furniture is very popular in smaller apartments in Brisbane due to the added element of easy maintenance; plus it adds square space for items which can be easily rearranged. Considering how one’s usually struggling for space in bathrooms, a floating vanity is a sound choice – and if it comes with a sink, you are golden. This way, you’ll strike that often coveted balance between a space that breathes and optional storage.

Shower screens are not only functional
Since you have a shortage of space, every single element in your bathroom needs to make an effect and serve as a visual puzzle piece to the entire picture. There is no room for superfluous stuff. This can present quite a conundrum since most of your bathroom elements have a primary function to fill – like for example shower screens.shower-screens-are-not-only-functional

However, this doesn’t mean they cannot blend into the bathroom space like an organic part of the environment. There is a wide spectrum of shower screens in Brisbane you can choose from and which are the simple and financially feasible additions to your bathroom that improve it visually.

All the elements – fewer and big
Here’s a mistake people often make – in order to make a particular space look bigger, they opt for smaller furniture elements and consider shoving in more of them to achieve the illusion of “fullness” and spaciousness. However, the visual effect this accomplishes is quite opposite.

If you want your space to look bigger, you need to opt for fewer pieces of furniture that are bulkier. Make a list of things that are necessary for your bathroom and don’t go over that – a bathtub, a sink, a toilet and a cabinet for toiletries, amenities and towels. These four basic elements are pretty much it – everything else can be attached to them. Express your visual sensibility through these items.

A mirror is your second best ally
As already mentioned, the color white is your most trusted asset if you want to make your small bathroom space look bigger. However, there is a second asset that can also contribute to this effect a lot and that is a mirror.a-mirror-is-your-second-best-ally

Naturally, this means you should get as big a mirror as possible, considering the size of the free space you have on the wall, likely above the sink. If it is within the realm of possibility to add a wall-sized mirror to your bathroom, go for it. If positioned right, this mirror can double the size of your bathroom and give it a dramatic look that accentuates its contours.

If you count pantries and closets out, bathrooms are typically the smallest spaces in the household and definitely the smallest rooms. However, this should not discourage you from trying to do something visually interesting with them. Bathroom remodels usually begin with achieving the effect of airiness and size before one proceeds to give it a signature look.