Step up your interior design game


So the time has come to freshen up your living space and as always, the questions boil down to “where to start from” and “how do I achieve it?” Not to worry, we’ve got the tips and tricks that will help you step up your design game in ways you probably didn’t consider before.

Getting the best results doesn’t come easy – it takes a lot of sacrifice of not only your time but also of letting go of items you don’t need anymore. It will take creativity and some originality, but the result will make all the effort worthwhile.

Words: Chloe Smith

Decide, sketch, plan, vary
Just before you begin the grand adventure, set aside the time to actually take in the space you’re about to refurbish. Which room is it? What kind of feeling do you want it to encompass? The room should reflect your personal style, and show who you are or who you want to be. Make a few versions in your head, or use any of the numerous online platforms that allow you to build and decorate a room out of predefined pieces of furniture.

sergey-zolkin-21232-unsplashGo minimal
Nowadays, it’s all about minimalism. Clutter is left to our hoarding aunts with their mementos from various trips, and to our uncles who have a knack for garage sales. Minimalism is achieved through furniture placement mostly, but if you’re stepping up your game, then go for minimalism in colours and shapes. To get a sleek look, limit your colour palette to something two-toned and subtle (pastels never go out of fashion) and choose furniture whose shapes actually guide the visitor’s eyes along the room to the most important pieces. It takes some time to master, but when you do – it’s the ace up your sleeve.

kaboompics_designer-living-room-interior-with-a-wooden-box-table-and-a-light-blue-carpetThink about sociability
Build your design for sociability. What do we mean by that? Unless you’re rearranging only your bedroom, people will most likely come over to your place and spend time there. Create a space where they feel welcome and comfortable. No part of the room should be so stylized it can be interpreted as pompous or showoff-ish. If it’s not pleasing to the eyes or serves a functional purpose, it shouldn’t be there. Simple as that. The more comfortable the space, the more at ease and accessible people will feel.

roberto-nickson-g-446008-unsplashLayer everything
To layer something in interior design means to mix and match various shapes and sizes of the objects in the room. If you go for minimalism, do you know how to create a pattern in the layout of the elements in the room to create depth? The way you combine the chandeliers with the tables beneath them, or the rug with the table AND the décor on the table should all be taken into consideration. Don’t rely solely on the given patterns in the rugs, wallpaper, or tiles. Try to create a spatial pattern. For example, if your couch, nightstand and rug are the same color, choose different textures for each. Play and have fun with it.

kaboompics_pink-desk-in-the-home-officeTake a risk
Lastly, aside from having fun, take a risk. Sometimes, the best results come from taking risks. If need be, take a big risk and go for a complete rubbish removal in your home – declutter from everything you don’t need. Playing safe quickly leads to monotony. Don’t be afraid of a potential mistake. With solid preparation, every mistake will be easily fixable.

In conclusion
While you might be apprehensive at the prospect of doing more than just switching furniture around, think about what the additional effort grants. You’ll get to change the atmosphere of the room, to better reflect your personality. Furthermore, taking risks in design will do you good when it comes to practicing creativity and learning more about what you find essential for your living style. Happy planning!