Three bedroom styles to refresh your space from DOMO


“Less is more” is the mantra of modern design, and this pared-back simplicity makes for a timeless bedroom style. A modern bedroom has clean lines, a minimal palette and is not overdone. Using a tonal and neutral palette creates harmony, calm and cosiness in the bedroom, and can be embellished and layered with subtle texture in soft furnishings. Streamlined furniture has a strong sense of geometry and horizontality, and restrained decoration keeps the bedroom free of clutter.screenshot_3

A bohemian bedroom is eclectic and fanciful. Expressing artistry and creativity, a bohemian oasis is layered with texture, colour and pattern, and mixes vintage and antique finds with modern pieces. The bed is a focal in the bohemian bedroom and can be an artwork in itself. Vibrant colours and bold patterns stand out against earthy and organic colours, and natural materials, such as wood, rattan and wicker, provide tactility and a connection to nature. The outdoors is also brought inside with plants and botanical prints and motifs, channelling the interiors of homes in a tropical or Mediterranean climate.screenshot_5

A contemporary bedroom is simple yet sophisticated, with pops of colour and pattern for a fresh, warm and inviting space. Neutrals, black and white set the stage in a contemporary bedroom, punched up with bright or bold hues, patterns and artworks. Furniture has clean or curvaceous lines that can be accentuated with striking colours to add depth and draw attention. Natural materials are sleek and smart, while natural fibres add softness and texture for a comfort and warmth.screenshot_6