Home office inspiration to fit any space


With more people than ever working from home, the biggest obstacle many face is not having enough room to accommodate a separate working space. But at The Wooden Furniture Store, they think that a home office doesn’t have to be a self-contained room. Brilliant work-friendly spaces can emerge from a spare corner of wasted space and with the right desk and some thoughtful planning and creativity, almost any alternative space can be turned into a home office.

A lot of us spend a good deal of time in the kitchen, so it seems like a natural room to create a work area and it really doesn’t need a lot of space. The Hulstone bar table could be used to create a multi purpose home office in an otherwise awkward corner or area.

If you don’t want your home office area to be visible 24/7, then consider a hidden home office. This hideaway approach would be perfect for those who hate clutter, or those who only occasionally need a home office set-up. The beauty of Mayan Walnut desk is that when your work is done for the day, it closes up to be a beautiful piece of furniture that will enhance any space.mayan-walnut-hidden-home-office

With a carefully considered layout, it is possible to turn a guest bedroom into a dual-purpose space that can accommodate overnight guests and also work as an office. Keep the sleeping area well defined and choose a desk that suits a bedroom setting, for example, one that could easily double as a dressing table such as the desks in the Signature or Hulstone ranges.dressing-table

Combining elegant Scandinavian style with its angled legs and smooth curved lines, the San Francisco desk is packed with the very latest technology so would look great in any living room. The desk features Bluetooth compatible speakers, convenient QI wireless charging, two USB ports and an AUX port, so whether you’re listening to music while you work, or charging your phone.san-francisco-ash-smart-desk

Ideal for the small spaces, the simple and stylish Curved home office desk is a contemporary design with elegant, curved legs. The desk perfect for creating a clean minimal look and is only 90cm wide.curve-walnut-90cm-table

For essential desks to home office storage and everything in between, Wooden Furniture Store UK has small home office ideas for every space!