How to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Industrial Look


Not everyone appreciates long baths or spending some revitalising time in the privacy of the bathroom. Still, a great number of people treasures their solitary moments in their relaxing and beautiful sanctuary, enjoying a healing power of water after a long day at work. Those who like to dwell in their bathrooms understand that real ease comes not only from the rest and seclusion from the outer world but also from spending time in a soothing and sophisticated interior. If simple and classy bathroom with a touch of nostalgia suits your taste, perhaps it is time to give your oasis a fresh look with some basic elements of industrial design. Here are a few useful tips on how to turn your generic looking bathroom into the cosy and chic retreat.

Words: Jessie Hogarth

What is industrial style and why is it so trendy?
The main feature of the industrial design is a display of structure and building materials to the point where interior seems unfinished and raw, where all elements of industrial style have a practical as well as aesthetic purpose. It is a perfect combination of vintage and contemporary design, typically integrated into the minimal style. Bare concrete walls, exposed pipes, and retro accessory serve the purpose of creating a unique interior that creates the atmosphere and the impression of past times. Depending on a specific period, Industrial style can vary, including elements from the Victorian era to recent decades. The growing trend of Industrial style has a lot to do with a unique aesthetic that transcends time, while it reminds of good old times that are often over-romanticised.

The colour scheme in the Industrial design
The colour palette in industrial interiors are usually neutral, and it includes white, black, gray and brown. Not that it is illegal to use bright colours, but be careful and use it wisely. Use a splash of strong, vivid colour to create a focal point or to accentuate a certain piece of bathroom furniture. Also, bright colour items can add a warm touch to, commonly perceived, cold interiors. Feel free to experiment, but remember to use no more than two or three colours. There are a lot of metal details in industrial bathrooms, so include colours like silver, copper or even gold-ish when choosing bathroom finishes.

Materials and textures in an industrial bathroom
Industrial design requires and proudly displays essential building materials like concrete, wood, bricks, metal, and glass. Each of these materials is quite versatile and can be of use for different purposes. For instance, concrete is a great choice since it is a quite money-saving option, while it looks fabulous in minimal and industrial interiors. Whether as a floor or a wall, polished concrete will give a room glossy and chic look, or can be a lovely rustic detail if left unfinished. Same goes for the wood, only wooden items in the bathroom will require special treatment to resist moisture. The texture in the industrial bathroom may change in different areas, so be bold and include slick and smooth surfaces combined with raw and weathered pieces.

Polished concrete is the most frequent choice for many of those who aim to achieve industrial style feel. Along with concrete floors, stone or even wooden floors are a common choice that adds texture and warmth. Industrial interior assumes imperfections and patches, so it is not necessary to put perfectly shaped tiles everywhere.

Again, concrete is a fabulous option for bathroom walls, but still, the right choice of bathroom tiles can completely change the overall impression and significantly increase a level of chic.  Also, brick walls can look marvelous in bathrooms. If there is a specific design you are after, you should opt for custom bathroom renovations to make the best selection.
industrial-style-bathrooms-dark-wooden-flooring-industrial-style-bathrooms-bathrooms-awesome-industrial-style-bathroomsBathroom items and furniture
Keep it simple and decorative. Stand-alone bathtubs are equally fine as a shower cabin as long as they do not harm the industrial vibe. If the size of your bathroom does not allow big pieces of furniture, go for less space-consuming and smarter options, like a small shower area or single vintage copper sink.

Decor and accessory
Bathroom accessory should be authentic and functional, so do your best to choose proper bathroom finishes. Do not bother with mirrors, the simpler they are – the better. However, pay attention to lighting since lights play a big part in industrial decor.  Vintage theater spotlights or Edison glass bulbs can be a great way to light the bathroom and to decorate it at the same time.

dark-bathroom_dark-brown_textured-wall_industrial-style_bathroom-vanity_metal-frame_wall-mirror_wall-sconces_two-handle_sink-faucet_metal-dispenser_soap-dispenser_dark-doorWith these tips in mind, search the images of the industrial era, dig deeper in industrial aesthetics, look for contemporary versions of industrial style and turn your boring bathroom into the perfect combination of your private spa and room for relaxing time travel.