Lights of Love


Inspired by long lasting relationships, the Nuptial range fuses emotion and design together to create a simple yet sentimental statement.

Words: Madeleine Bryant
Photography: Design by Them, Alex Kershaw and Pete Daly

Symbolism of love is evident throughout the works of designer Trent Jansen at Design By Them. In 2008, he created ‘Kissing Pendants’  in which the two pendants would be pushed together in order for the lights to come on, hinting at the spark between two people.

Alex Kershaw and Pete Daly

Again, a similar concept is seen in the new Nuptial range, the two shades appear to be fused together suggesting that when lovers have been together for a long time, part of them become one. A deep metaphor for connection, the lights echo sentiment and warmth.


Both Pendant Light and Floor Lamp are equally simplistic and beautiful in concept and appearance. Not only do the designs focus on partnerships but also encourage a lifelong relationship with their owner by using sustainable materials. The floor lamp is comprised of steel legs and  base and both pendant light and floor lamp have a bonded cotton shade.


The Nuptial Floor Lamp  ($1495) and The Nuptial Pendant ($495) are available from