Lineal Sofa Design Handmade by Molmic

Ivanhoe Sofa Molmic

For 25 years, three generations of the Molmic family have delivered the very best in sofas and lounge furniture to homes across Australia from their hometown of Melbourne. Designed by a dedicated team of craftspeople, Molmic manufactures all of its products in Australia, with the majority of each sofa’s components being made by hand in Melbourne.

The latest addition to their furniture collection, the Ivanhoe sofa, is new update for Spring. A contemporary deep lineal design, the Ivanhoe embodies Molmic’s made-in-Australia design ethos with a streamlined minimalist design. The feminine curve of the arms contrasts with the straight rectangular frame to create a point of design interest

Featuring enduro seat cushions, the sofa is available in Molmic’s newest fabric option, Havana Silver. Unlike so many sofa upholstery options which are typically one block colour that is either monotonously drab or a design eyesore when applied in bulk to a large objects that dominates a living room space as much as a sofa, Molmic has created a fabric palette of its own. The Havana Silver is a hybrid of tones discreetly woven together, including  elements of slate, charcoal and sand that combine to create a natural, elemental theme that has an inviting, earthy warmth to it as well as a fresh finish that delivers a sleek sense of cool.

Ivanhoe Sofa Molmic 1

Despite it’s fuss-free appearance and clean lines, the Ivanhoe is rich in detail. “A lot of craft in handmade furniture is not visible, not obvious to the eye. But it is embedded in the structure and our customers know this translates to quality,” explains Molmic’s founder, Molly McMahon. “Its hard to see it all from the outside, but the care that goes into the design, materials and crafting of each piece is what makes our couches so durable and comfortable as well as looking great”.

Ivanhoe Sofa Molmic 3

As well as it’s design credentials, the Ivanhoe delivers that quality sought after  in a sofa by even the most style conscious – uncompromising comfort. Using Molmic’s no sag steel sprung suspension, the Ivanhoe  is designed to conform to the shape of the body. Molmic manufacture all of their frames in-house in their Melbourne workshop, using traditional mortice and tenon techniques as well as sustainably sourced wood produced from responsibly managed forests or reclaimed and salvaged sources. The result? A steel suspension absorbs the pressure of the body to provide a uniform comfort across the entire sofa for a wholly luxurious seating experience.