Embrace mid-century modern décor in your home


If you love mid-century modern furniture, you will love the choices available right now in most furniture stores. Mid-century modern (MCM) décor was introduced in the 1940’s and this popular style is currently back in vogue due to its sophisticated, timeless style.

If you are looking to incorporate MCM furniture into your home, Melinda Stead, visual merchandising manager at Focus on Furniture, suggests looking for sleek, classic pieces with a modern design twist.

“Look for natural pieces of timber furniture or muted colours in leather or upholstery with clean lines and a minimalist contemporary design,” says Melinda. “Deep blue soft furnishings look great in any space and will give your home a fresh new designer look. Other clues are armchairs or sofas with peg legs and slim timber designs.”

MCM furniture is no doubt on trend and in demand. You can find beautiful classic furniture pieces these days in most modern furniture stores. With a wide range of elegant MCM furniture, Focus on Furniture can provide inspiration and advice by turning up to the store to see what’s on offer.

“Looking at furniture in person can give you a greater sense of styling ideas and motivation. You can see how different pieces work together to create the look you’re aiming for and it can be so satisfying when you find furniture pieces that blend well together,” says Melinda.

“For example, to create a visually appealing mid-century modern look, the Oxley Fabric Armchair from Focus on Furniture boasts solid timber peg legs, plush seat and back cushions and a simple classic design which are all a direct nod to mid-century modern styling,” says Melinda. “Blend this piece of furniture together with the Amelia 2.5 seat chaise and you have a room well on the way to a mid-century modern living room.”

Melinda recommends looking for furniture pieces with high-quality craftsmanship and functional storage solutions to suit everyday living and so it stands the test of time.

“Our Yarra Table Lamp is a beautiful interpretation of mid-century modern and high-quality craftsmanship,” says Melinda. “The pale natural timber with tapered durable legs, slimline storage compartment and its natural textured finish gives this piece of furniture an authentic yet modern look. It’s crafted with locally sourced sustainable timbers and quality construction and is a versatile addition to any room in the home.”

Melinda says the key to begin your MCM project is to look at what furniture pieces you already have in your home and decide what furniture pieces you would like to update or add.

“Mid-century modern furniture can blend in well with other types of your home décor. But you need to be careful not to clutter your space, keep it simple and incorporate furniture of different heights to prevent your room from looking too bland or uniform. A tall floor lamp would work well with a low sofa or coffee table or you could incorporate a table lamp and low sofa near a dining suite.

“Don’t be afraid to express your unique creative flair and mix up your home décor to add some contrast to your new mid-century modern home,” adds Melinda.