Papier mâché Morphe lamps


These lamps by Maria Fiter from Crea-Re Studio Barcelona take on various forms and have many connotations with the zoomorphic or amorphous shapes of things like eggs, amoebas and oblong stones riddled by sea waves.

Their smooth and oval surface is accentuated by irregular recesses, unique wrinkles in each of the lamps.

The Morphe lamps are very lightweight and durable and can be an essential element of any interior décor due to their unique aesthetic and of course, practical functionality.


Lamps are available in several colours obtained from natural pigments. The materials used in their production are paper obtained from recycling of old newspapers and ecological, certified water based glue. All these components, as well as the process of lamp formation, are environmentally friendly and ecological. The lamps are even compostable!


Crea-Re Studio

Based in Barcelona, Crea-Re Studio offers a wide range of eco-friendly lamps made from papier mache and wood. The name of their studio derives from creativity (CREA) and from recycling (RE). They are a couple of designers: Maria Fiter (Poland) creates eco-friendly lighting and Marco Migliorisi (Italy) designs eco-cases for musical instruments.