Trending This Spring: Timeless, Charismatic and Bold Designs


Spring has sprung and so too have new trends in bathroom design. Similar to the idea that spring is a time for new beginnings, right now is the perfect opportunity to refresh your bathroom with a bold and charismatic makeover. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your bathroom or just looking to make some minor adjustments, this season is offering fresh ideas, along with enduring layouts such as patterned white tiles and exposed plumbing, which will suit your needs and design.

Bright and White
It’s true that white tiles are timeless and classy but sometimes overdone. However, with different textures and patterns to choose from, the classic white tile can be transformed into a refreshing design feature. Opting for a uniquely patterned white tile will reinvent a traditional look to produce a modern, fresh and innovative style.

Statement Tapware
Whether you prefer a subtly elegant or bold and contrasting look, switching out your tapware is easy and can transform your bathroom in minutes – think matte black, brushed brass or brushed nickel. Suitable for all colour schemes, these three unique finishes offer looks that are distinct, warm and earthy – without the added expense. Whilst brushed brass certainly adds extra warmth, brushed nickel provides a cooler yet more modern feel. Depending on the colour scheme of your bathroom, matte black finishes will break up the space and provide a contrasting look. highgrove-spring-trends-3

Frameless Showers
Bringing that 5-star feel to your bathroom, a frameless glass shower makes the space feel bigger. By removing the frame, your bathroom is sure to feel more spacious and allows for more freedom of movement. Not to mention, you’ll easily be able to clean the corners of the shower without having to scrub between the cracks to remove that leftover residue. This contemporary solution is continuing to triumph as it works with most colour schemes, statement pieces and is a highly adaptable design choice.

Coloured Basins
For that eyecatching splash of colour, a statement basin is just what you need. The perfect addition to a monochrome bathroom, an unexpected pop of colour will create a focal point and also add extra depth to the space. Whether it’s pastel shades like soft mint green or millennial pink, or bold colours like navy or forest green, a coloured basin will elevate your bathroom aesthetic and add a unique touch.

Exposed Plumbing
Introducing exposed plumbing to your bathroom will transform the space and provide an industrial and raw look. Guaranteeing maximum contrast and adding personality, the exposed pipes will offer a retro twist. When considering colour schemes, exposed plumbing looks perfect against a neutral black or white-tiled interior at the vanity or shower system. highgrove-spring-trends-1

Recessed Shelving
To create extra storage, recessed shelves conserve space without having to sacrifice on style and design. Recessed shelves can be built almost anywhere in the bathroom and are the perfect solution for small, cluttered and disorganised spaces. By adding wallpaper, patterned tiles, or painting the shelves a couple of shades lighter or darker than the walls of your bathroom, these highly-functional shelves will add subtle contrast and depth to the room’s overall appearance.

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