Agape’s new releases will be in Artedomus showrooms from May


Agape has been leading the way in bathware for nearly half a century, transforming bathrooms from purely functional spaces to places of wellbeing and relaxation. Its latest releases continue this trend with minimalist forms, luxurious materials and inspiration drawn from nature and traditional bathing experiences.

Agape was established in 1973 by the Benedini family with the vision to reimagine the products and experience of the bathroom. Agape quickly set the standard in producing contemporary bathware devoted to personal wellbeing. Working with talented designers and very best Italian manufacturers, Agape established an extensive network of partners who share its passion for quality and innovation. It has produced iconic pieces of contemporary design, such as Spoon and Ottocento by Benedini Associat, and its sought-after collections designed by luminaries Patricia Urquiola, Angelo Mangiarotti and Marcio Kogan, amongst many others. Agape has now released a new collection of products by equally esteemed designers.

Neri&Hu’s Immersion Bath and Immersion Basin address the smaller living spaces of urban dwellings. Inspired by traditional timber bathing vessels used in Japan and China, the Immersion Bath is deeper than a standard tub and occupies a smaller footprint. This depth supports a more upright bathing posture, while still allowing full immersion, evocative of a relaxing onsen hot spring. The counter-top basin has the same minimalist lines as the bath a straight outer profile and half-spherical inner profile.

The Neb collection designed by Benedini Associati includes a sleek bathtub and basin that have an extremely thin profile, demonstrating the technological developments of Cristalplant® biobased. Cristalplant® is composed of 50-per-cent minerals and 50-per-cent polyester bioresin, offering a repairable, recyclable, high-performance, sustainable surface. The Italian-made material has exceptional aesthetic versatility and a velvety texture reminiscent of natural stone. Advancements in the surface enable it to be manufactured in very fine profiles, as can be seen in the lip of the Neb bath and counter-top basin. This thin profile also reduces the weight of the products, making them easier to install and support.

Agape has added a wall-mounted basin to complement the Marsiglia bath, which the company introduced in 2015 after winning the Cristalplant® Design Contest. Designed by Lucidi Pevere, the bathtub was inspired by a traditional washhouse where women once gathered to wash clothes in the vicinity of waterway. The form of the bath has been translated into a basin, with a precise rectilinear shape and smooth, rounded corners. A handy shelf can be used for soap or toothbrushes and can also have the faucet inserted.screenshot_3

Studiopepe looked to the phases of the moon for inspiration for its Revolving Moon Mirror. It has a large mirror with a smaller magnifying mirror mounted on a metal bar that can be adjusted to various heights.

The Italian studio also designed the Constellation accessories range, which emphasises the sculptural qualities of marble, and polished as if shaped by water. Made from Bianco Carrara or Nero Marquina, the counter-top mirrors and containers have elegant brass detail.

Agape’s new releases will be available exclusively in Australia at Artedomus showrooms from May.

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