Introducing Armadillo & Co


Rugs that lie lightly on this earth
Striving to have a positive impact on people and to leave as little impact on the earth as possible, Armadillo & Co’s rugs lie lightly on this earth.

Armadillo & Co is committed to social responsibility, sustainable practices and to helping support its artisan community. From the hands those who spin and dye the yarns to the hands of the artisans who weave and finish the rugs, Armadillo & Co’s products are crafted by hand. The company uses carefully sourced natural and recycled materials and utilises Fair Trade production practices. Every rug purchased helps to sustain an industry based on traditional craftsmanship and to build a brighter future for the children in the weavers’ villages.

The human touch and the uncommonly beautiful
Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst founded Armadillo & Co in 2009 with desire to produce a rug collection that combines ethics and aesthetics – the human touch and the uncommonly beautiful. When they couldn’t find simple, handcrafted, quality rugs for their own homes, they decided to join forces to make them. Working with traditional artisans in India, who have become extended family, Armadillo & Co’s collection are infused with the rich history and skills of the hands that make them.

Textiles, design and a love of India
Jodie and Sally have 30 years of shared experience in textiles and design and both are driven by social responsibility.

Jodie, who grew up in Australia and now lives in Los Angeles, has a deep love and respect for India and its people. She helped rebuild villages following the 2001 earthquake, and employed and empowered Indian women to create textiles for her first homewares business. This business funded the building of many preschools through The Anganwadi Project, of which Jodie served as president. Jodie is a recipient of the Australian Telstra Business Award for Social Responsibility and globally acknowledged by TIME Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Green Designers.

Born in Zimbabwe and educated in South Africa, Sally now lives in the Adelaide Hills. Sally’s interest, experience and appreciation for textiles developed while building her family’s floor-covering business, and she has an ingrained passion for beautifully made products, textures and traditional crafts. Having worked with Indian artisans for many years, Sally has long-established ties with the weaving community.screenshot_5

Armadillo & Co Collections
Armadillo & Co’s collections include different weaves, shapes and sizes. Each is a subtle nod to something, someone or somewhere, with even a transient moment – delicate shadows or brilliant colour – being an unlikely muse. All Armadillo & Co rugs are woven in India by approximately 1500 artisans across different specialties.

Handcrafted from natural and sustainable fibres, the Classic collection offers rich texture, inviting warmth and a timeless, neutral palette to celebrate the weave itself. These hardwearing rugs are calm and inviting, balancing gentle pattern and texture with a distinctive, tactile presence, designed for everyday use.

The collection is inspired by sources such as traditional Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs, animated African tribal motifs and aerial photography of the natural environment. Natural tones are woven into large-scale patterns, with designs are etched into the pile inviting touch and exploration.

The pure wool Heirloom collection is luxurious and restrained with colourways inspired by the iridescent beauty of nature and aged metals. Intricately hand knotted, the rugs remain sumptuously soft underfoot and wear beautifully over time.screenshot_4

Committed to giving back
Armadillo & Co remains committed to giving back and in 2017, Jodie and Sally established the philanthropic arm of their business with the not-for-profit Armadillo & Co Foundation. Its mission is to enhance the lives of underprivileged local communities through the provision of educational, health and community structures.

Armadillo & Co is a longstanding sponsor of the Kantilal Vidya Mandir (KVM) School in India, which educates many of its artisans’ children. Armadillo & Co has funded all of KVM’s overheads since 2014, including staff salaries, textbooks, teaching aids, school uniforms, furniture, equipment, utilities and maintenance. More than 1060 students have graduated from KVM, supported by this sponsorship.

Armadillo & Co Foundation has also pledged scholarships for the three highest performing girls at KVM to help them complete their secondary schooling. An additional scholarship is awarded to a student from a family in need or a high-achieving boy. The nine-year scholarship provides full funding to attend a local English-medium school. Between 27 and 36 children will be supported by these scholarships by 2026, giving them the opportunity for a brighter future.