Australian architect company creating homes that positively contribute to the environment


For anyone who has built a new home, you know that that the process is strenuous, long and costly – often spanning months, if not years in terms of completion. Bill McCorkell, Director of Archiblox, knew that the concept of building homes to love and live-in should not be like this, so after spending a childhood on building sites and an early career in design and architecture, McCorkell decided to truly disrupt the market, creating a sustainable construction company that now is globally recognised and awarded.

Archiblox is a Melbourne-based prefabrication and modular building company that prides itself on beautiful, carbon-positive (better than carbon-neutral) homes and commercial buildings, boasting hundreds constructions across Australia.

Specialising in modular buildings, the business creates prefabricated homes and buildings from concept and design through to manufacture and installation in as little as 8 weeks. Designing big rather than building big, Archiblox’s philosophy is around creating spaces that can be used for more than one purpose, and for future generations to enjoy.

‘We always set-out to make an impact, both in terms of the way buildings are built, but also in what consumers require or expect from the companies that build them,’ says McCorkell. ‘My father built one of the first houses in Melbourne with solar hot water panels on the roof so it wasn’t a stretch that I would develop a passion for sustainability from a young age. I have always said there is a need for sustainable buildings, because they lead to healthy living. It makes a big difference to how we live as a society as a whole’.

Aside from being architecturally-driven and design-oriented, Archiblox takes a very localised approach to how their homes are manufactured and aims to pave a new direction which they hope others within the housing industry will follow. ‘At Archiblox, not only are we mindful about the impact on the landscape that we create homes on, but we’re also conscious about how and where our designs and material are manufactured. All of our manufacturing takes place in Victoria so as our build demand increases, so does the amount of jobs we create locally,’ says McCorkell.

Being so much more than just a vastly successful and aesthetically pleasing brand with a thriving instagram account, Archiblox is also at the forefront of cost effective Carbon Positive Homes (CPH). Far surpassing “carbon neutrality”, Archiblox dwellings are actually benefiting the environment in which they’re situated. Their most recent project and example of CPH is Avalon House, located on the Northern Beaches of Australia. From sliding edible garden walls to block sun penetration and a green roof for thermal insulation, right down to FSC certified external timbers milled from sustainable forestry methods and effective cross ventilation removing the need for artificial cooling aside from ceiling fans, Archiblox Avalon House is the epitome of environmentally friendly housing.

Archiblox is turning traditional building methods on its head. Producing a smarter, highly sustainable and above all, enjoyable way of building. Archiblox plan to continue to lead sustainable modular architecture within Australia and aim to help change industry standards so that it not just about reducing our carbon footprint, but also making a positive contribution in a replenishing our beautiful environment.

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