Armando Rho’s Masterpieces


Armando Rho’s dining rooms are furnished with an elegant and singular style, which is more than classical, it gives importance to today and makes tomorrow unique. A place to be shared only with a few selected friends to taste fine cuisine, in a majestic atmosphere of great luxury and splendour.

This buffet is engraved and crafted meticulously respecting the wishes of the client. Using precious materials, each piece becomes unique and personal and tells a fascinating story. The intention is to amaze through an elegant and sophisticated style that affirms powerful and recognizable values, making the dining room the heart of the home.

screenshot_9This commode is one of Armando Rho’s masterpieces, representative of the French Louis XVI style. It is made in ebony with an insert in turtle shell surmounted by a gold-plated grill that creates an elegant geometric motif. The oval centre is in Nero Belgio with a floral inlay of precious and semi-precious stones. Beautifully selected pieces of art make this commode more valuable and unique.

The candelabrum is in Malachite, precious, bright with crystals deeper shades of green and the horse sculpture is majestically handcrafted. The result is a high-quality piece of furniture, versatile for its functionality, which harmoniously decorates different spaces of a house.

screenshot_11Armando Rho’s houses are furnished with a luxury and elegant style. Each individual piece, crafted by hand and enriched with precious details, is designed to respect the aspirations of the client becoming a unique piece of art. A bar cabinet characterized by doors made of ebony with mother-of-pearl inlays in relief.

The interior is covered by a beautiful golden mosaic and the lower part is carved in lime wood and finished in gold leaf. This bar cabinet gives exclusivity and makes the home a unique place to be. It is a perfect piece of furniture to preserve the most refined bottles to taste with a few selected guests.