Art and Alchemy, R L Foote Design Studio Releases New Kiln Grown Crystals Ceramic Collection


R L Foote Design Studio wows the design and ceramic community with a new range showing off their most complex glaze yet – Crystalline Range.

Part alchemy, part art, this range features a complex crystalline glaze, formulated to grow crystals during the firing process revealing vibrant colours and fractal crystal shapes within the glaze. Each recipe is a unique formula of up to 10 different minerals and elements. Under extreme heat and atmosphere of the kiln crystals start to grow within the molten glaze forming surreal fractal formations.crystalline34_r-l-foote-design-studio-styled__preview

“Every time we open the kiln there is an element of surprise” shares Foote. “Even with the precise recipes down to the milligram, factors like outside temperature, positioning of the piece in the kiln, even a few microns more of glaze, can all affect the glaze results. It’s like every piece has its own identity, no two will ever be the same, each one is completely unique.”

The range of glazes is diverse, from subtle pastel gradients to vibrant pops colour of cobalt blue.crystalline33_r-l-foote-design-studio-styled__preview

The handcrafted forms of the collection are minimal, clean, simple, intentionally directing your attention on the sheen and lustre of the glazes. There are 5 variants of crystalline glazes applied to the vases series, and 3 glazes presented on rectangular platters and plates. All are stunning showpieces, but are also functional and ideal for homes or restaurants.

R L Foote Design Studio’s Crystalline Range is available at