WHERE EAST MEETS WEST: silk road theme announced for INDEX Dubai


September will see INDEX Dubai return for a second edition in 2018 – offering up a twist on the traditional show and an exploration of one of the most significant design journeys of all time.

The new theme will take visitors on journey from east to west as they celebrate ‘The Silk Road’ and the colours and patterns that represent the historical trade route that lives on to this day.

Samantha Macdonald, INDEX Event Director explained: “We have chosen a theme that offers a direct representation of where our September exhibitors will come from. The Silk Road takes its name from the trade route that started over 2,000 years ago and still exists today, joining Europe to Asia, through the deserts of the Middle East.

“The show will focus on individual designs and value driven products from Asia, sat alongside premium products from Europe. Together, they will allow the show to present a wide selection of interior products that should suit the taste and budgets of all our visitors, covering their sourcing needs this autumn.”

With a central focus on a cross-continental marriage between value driven product and premium brands, September’s INDEX – held in Dubai – will welcome more than 400 exhibitors from across the two continents.

The show will come alive with the colours, patterns and textures that encapsulated The Silk Road when it was its most densely trodden.

A quick look at the show’s branding (featured image) and you’ll hopefully recognise some of the patterns and designs that are the cultural footprint of the various nations that made The Silk Road what it was. The bottom patterns include classic French lace alongside Spanish patterns, Portuguese tiles and a Turkish rug. As you move up you spot patterns from the Middle East, from floor tiles to mosaics and an Indian traditional pattern. At the top you reach South East Asia, with Japanese, Chinese and Indonesians patterns.

To find out more about September’s INDEX, visit https://www.indexexhibition.com/