Apsley & Company launch new look for iconic Abode Aroma Totem range


Apsley and Company have always been fixated on the exquisite quality of their luxe home fragrances.

Abode Aroma, one of the company’s signature brands, is a leader worldwide in high quality aromatic diffusers.

Launched at the Melbourne Trade Fair in August 2005, Abode Aroma’s iconic Totem packaging was, according to CEO, Helen Armstrong, “in need of a little facelift.”aatote_miami_group-diffusers_h_preview

This comes as no surprise, after all, Apsley & Company have always been about re-inventing themselves and elevating their brands to new heights.

The first company to launch reed diffusers in the Australian market, Helen is excited at the sophisticated and streamlined new look.

“We took the very essence of the original design, the distinctive totem box, which is a marker for the brand and instantly recognisable worldwide, changing the lid from geometric patterns to soft, subtle line drawings. aatote_miami_duo-oriental-spice_h_previewCrisp white totem boxes now showcase labels focused on pastel tones inspired from the colours of Palm Springs,” she said.

With the shift in packaging moving towards minimalist design, the new look Abode Aroma totem box is more than Instagram-worthy, plus the top eight fragrances are complemented with a matching intense scented soy candle.

The new design captures the very essence of the brand, with every aspect poised to draw the consumer into the Abode Aroma experience.

Abode Aroma is available online at:  http://www.abodearoma.com/