Atelier Swarovski Home unveils glaciarium collection

Image: Atelier Swarovski Image: Atelier Swarovski

Synonymous with sparkle, Atelier Swarovski is the last word in fine crystal. Launching earlier this year in Milan, Atelier Swarovski Home marks the crystal brand’s foray into the home accessories market, bringing with it the promise of décor that dazzles. Now, at last week’s London Design Festival, the Atelier has unveiled its latest collection of luxurious glaciarium crystal home wares.

Designed by Fredrickson Stallard, renowned exponents of avant-garde design, the small but perfectly formed collection comprises of refined crystalline vases, candle holders and objets d’art that reimage home décor as we know it. Having collaborated with Swarovski for almost ten years, Fredrickson Stallard are renowned for their experience working with Swarovski’s complex crystal production techniques and their work is inspired directly by the power of raw crystal. The collection makes use of glaciarium components, specifically for the interior lighting industry, and though every piece is the product of the highest quality craftsmanship, the overall effect is of striking yet effortless elegance.

Atelier Swarovski Centrepiece
Image: Atelier Swarovski

‘One thing about effortlessness, it’s incredibly difficult to do,’ admits Fredrikson, and  indeed, the production process is meticulous. Each piece is cast in crystal before a subtle faceting is applied, combining precision cutting with the material’s natural structures. This is technical expertise at its finest, and this impeccable workmanship showcased across the collection.  ‘To create an object that you have very strictly controlled but has that sense ‘of course that’s what it should be,’ the designer adds, ‘by combining the language of more natural surfaces with the precision cut facets in Glaciarium, we’ve achieved that’. Whatever design language you’re using, these pieces doesn’t need to shout to be heard, they simply sing with understated elegance.


Atelier Swarovski Vase
Image: Atelier Swarovski

Frederick Stallard’s Glaciarium collection from Atelier Swarovski Home will be available for sale on from Autumn 2016.