Cuckooland reveals rapid growth in sustainable furniture brands


Luxury lifestyle emporium Cuckoooland reveals that their environmentally conscious customers want to buy furniture that will last through the years. Cuckooland has seen a 70% growth in the Lifetime brand – a unique furniture range that grows with the child, reducing the need to replace furniture as the child outgrows it.

Cuckooland reveal the key reasons as to why there has been a rapid growth for Lifetime:

Sustainable and environmentally conscious:
Lifetime Kidsrooms has already received the Green Environmental Award back in 2004 for their responsible and environmentally friendly products. Lifetime use specially selected sustainable FSC pine from Northern Europe, where the trees grow slowly. The heavy climate and difficult climatic conditions creates a high quality, stronger wood, which does not need to be treated for insects as they cannot survive. This wood is well suited to make their high quality furniture. For every tree cut down, 1.5 is planted in its place. The wood is finished with environmentally friendly varnishes and stains that are water-based. To top it all off, all the packaging is made from recyclable cardboard. lifetime-beach-house-cabin-bed

All the electricity used in the factory and offices is produced by windmill production, which is a natural and sustainable source of energy. The factory is heated by leftover material from their own furniture production, and this energy is also supplied to houses in the local village.  Lifetime  is constantly thinking about ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

Safe and stable structures:
The furniture is, and remains sturdy and stable for many years, even when it is converted. Its well thought out and solid construction means that it will last kids for many years. Their beds also meet the highest safety requirements, often exceeding the legal standard. Their beds are also extensively tested by TÜV, a strict testing authority.59418-lifetime-wildlife-4-in-1-combination-bed-gbp1195-2

Quality guarantee:
Lifetime make all of their furniture in-house. Their expert furniture makers and wood workers have very advanced equipment. This means they are able to provide a guarantee of no less than 5 years on the construction of their beds. Quality remains their focus in the long term, even after the furniture has left their workshop.

Cuckooland are proud to be working with Lifetime Kids to provide eco friendly, stylish and safe choices for families, to watch their children grow up with their distinctive and imaginative bedrooms.