How to Decorate Your Office and Boost Productivity


It’s been well established for quite some time now that the way we design, decorate and maintain our office has a great impact on the level of productivity. Just take a look at all those Instagram and Pinterest posts of various regular and home offices and you’ll see that so many people are really doing their best to create spaces that not only pleasing to the eye but are also functional.

Words: Amelia Atkins

Psychologists have also confirmed that we tend to work more efficiently if the environment is right, but not everyone knows how to create such an environment. So, here are some basic ideas for you to consider if you’re planning to renovate or create your office.

Avoid clutter
When it comes to office design, rule number one is not to clutter your office with stuff you don’t really need for work. Your office is not a storage space, but a place for work, which should have as few distractions as possible. Not only is it difficult to work in a room filled with various objects since it feels claustrophobic, but you’ll also find it more difficult to keep it neat and tidy. You may have some state-of-the-art office desks, but if there are piles of papers and other objects on them, you won’t manage to be as productive as you would in an organized workstation. Also, it’ll take you much longer to find what you’re looking for, which will have a negative effect on your productivity.2

Colours make the difference
The colour palette you choose sets the tone and encourages the right mindset. Many studies have been done related to how we react to various colours and you should definitely read some of them and choose the colours that are appropriate for the kind of work you do. Usually, offices require the atmosphere to be relaxing, so colours such as blue and green might be good options, while brighter ones, such as red, which provides a burst of strength, and yellow are more suitable for offices where creative thinking is required. So, think about what kind of atmosphere you need and choose your colours accordingly., red offers a good burst of strength.”

Allow for easy adjustments
Since you spend many hours in your office every working day (and sometimes at the weekends), you’re bound to get bored with the setting after some time. However, if you design your office so that the furniture and lights can be easily adjusted, you’ll be able to change the environment without much fuss and it will also give you a sense of control and confidence. It’s not that difficult to achieve this. You simply install light dimmers and furniture items that can be easily manipulated. Even some small decorations, which won’t get in the way of your routine, can make you feel much more comfortable.4

Lights are vital
No one likes working in a dark, poorly-lit room. It’s depressing and anything but motivating. That’s why you need to use as much natural light as you can, or, if your office simply can’t get enough of direct sunlight, make sure you have enough lights around the office, especially around the desk. If your new office is about to be built, make sure you provide enough windows, so that you can get both enough natural light, which elevates people’s mood, and fresh air, which is equally important.

Add plants
Provided you have enough natural light coming into the office, you should definitely consider adding a plant or two. That would make your office much more natural and relaxing.3

These tips are not the only ones related to office design with an aim to improve productivity, but they are most certainly the most important ones. So, think well before you renovate or build your office if you wish to be as efficient as possible.