Dreamy Airbnb Designs – Best Minimalist Designs


Adding just a few details, decorative items and doing simple upgrades in your flat can make a huge difference when it comes to renting. If you truly want to have a successful Airbnb then you should pay attention to interior and design the space so that it has that special homey atmosphere while keeping things simple. Here are some of the best minimalist designs you should consider for your Airbnb interior.

Words: Nina Simons

Leave a great first impression
First things first, think about the ways to upgrade your entrance. The first impression is very important, so make sure that you hall feels inviting. Don’t overcrowd it, no matter if it is big or small, because you want to keep it simple and provide enough space for your guests. Choose light colour palette, hang a simple, circle mirror on the wall above the shoe rack cabinet (nobody wants messy shoes all around). That way you can use the cabinet as a shelf and a place to put away your shoes.2Use the space wisely
If your Airbnb is small, make sure to use the space wisely and of course – don’t overcrowd it. Hang mirrors on the opposite walls to create visually bigger rooms and get rid of the carpets. You can choose a monochromatic palette for your flat and make it original by placing one colorful piece such as red TV shelf.

Greenery is always a good idea
Adding a few low-maintenance plants into your hallway can make a huge difference and leave the impression of a nice, minimalistic and modern apartment. Choose plants that don’t need much light and that looks attractive. Also, the same rule applies to the rest of your rental, and in case you don’t think having greenery is smart, you can always buy artificial ones. But make sure to buy ones which don’t look like they’re fake.3Stick with minimalism and keep it simple
When it comes to creating a perfect minimalist design for the living room area, don’t complicate things. Choose light colours for the walls, avoid rugs – show wooden flooring (even if it is a bit weathered, it will give a special touch to your interior) and opt for long transparent curtains to let the natural light inside. Don’t exaggerate with furniture, and if you have too much you can always sell, donate or store the excessive pieces for later use. Check affordable removal quotes online to find the best option. Make sure that you invest in folding furniture, an adjustable sofa that can both be used for sitting and as an additional bed.

Flea market finds are perfect decorative items
Simple, minimalistic large-scale posters are a great way to decorate walls and make the more fun. Choose ones with bold letters or maybe old movie posters that you can find on flea markets. The key is in just a few bigger sized decorative items that will complete the minimalistic look of your Airbnb. It is always smart to buy vintage decorative items on flea markets because not only you’re involved in the process of reuse but they will give a unique look to your rental.4Repaint instead of replacing
Upgrade your kitchen area by repainting your old cabinets and placing a few vintage-inspired appliances on display. Paint the handles in gold or buy vintage-inspired ones to give your kitchen a whole new look. Make a herb garden that doesn’t need much attention and care and that will make your rental’s kitchen smell wonderful. Your guests are surely going to adore the homey vibe!

Don’t forget the balcony
Some people really appreciate having a balcony in their rentals therefore if your Airbnb has a terrace or a balcony, with just a little bit of effort you can create a perfect, cozy spot that will attract even more guests. All you have to do is put some hanging plants, cover the balcony fence to make it more tucked in, and place a colorful outdoor rug, a set of chairs and a small table – voila! a little piece of heaven right next to your lovely rental.5Follow these simple tips to create a perfect, minimalist interior in your rental that is homey enough for your guest to come back to. Don’t just buy thing straight from the store, instead take time to find little details that will make it look just right. Your future guests will certainly recognize the effort and definitely spread the word about your Airbnb.