Dress (your table) to impress with Great Dane


Social gatherings and backyard barbecues may have been off limits for most of this year, but it’s time to welcome family and friends into the household once again this summer. With entertaining back on the table this season, one can expect good food and great conversations to be the mainstay for the next few months. It’s also time to spruce up the social spaces in the home, impressing guests while also making for exciting conversation starters.

When it comes to styling the dining areas in the home, there are a range of aesthetics one can embrace as a unified theme for the space, from statement settings to minimalist ones. With functional spaces such as dining tables and sideboards, the styling must enhance the dining and entertaining experience without being overwhelming.

When in doubt, fresh flowers, candles and stunning glassware are the best place to start, creating a visually stunning arrangement that is sophisticated and beautiful.

Looking to elevate the dining spaces in the home with inspired tablescapes that complement intimate dinners as well as lazy weekend lunches? Here are a few elements to consider when styling the dining areas:

Infuse colour with flowers: An arrangement of flowers and branches brings any space to life with its vibrancy and freshness. The vases and arrangements for the dining table must be an appropriate height that allows a free flow of conversation. Vases on or next to the sideboard can be bigger in size as they take up space in the background.greatdane_rosendahl_oldenglishsolitairevasesinsitu1200

The flowers chosen for the space would decide the kinds of vases that can be used. Group vases of different shapes and sizes together to create a centrepiece that is fresh and elegant.

Emanate warmth with ambient lighting: Candles light up the space with a moody aesthetic, making the addition of a candelabra or candleholders a perfect choice for those looking to use ambient lighting. Candles also help make the space look cosy yet sophisticated, complementing flower arrangements with soft illumination. The choice between candelabras, candleholders, tealights and votive candles would depend on the aesthetic being used in the space. Nonetheless, each option promises to bring a moody vibe with it.greatdane_rosendahl_jar1200insitu

Present servingware as part of the tablescape: It goes without saying that table runners and place settings form a part of the tablescape. But there’s no reason why the glassware and servingware can’t be used in the arrangement too. Glass objects also complement candles used in the space by reflecting the soft glow throughout the space. These are functional pieces of the arrangement that will be moved around as needed, which must be considered when styling the space.greatdane_rosendahl_perfection_cocktail_insitu_1_hrcopy

The servingware that will be used in the table setting depends on what is on the menu for the day. Place them in convenient, easy-to-reach spots on the table and the sideboard as they will get passed around the table. Arranging dishes in groups of three will also help making the setting appear more interesting.

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