Himalaya, Collage, Minimal and Vector designed by Santiago Sevillano Studio for Mantra



Studio Santiago Sevillano, based in Valencia (Spain), is a multidisciplinary team of professionals under the direction of product designer Santiago Sevillano, in which each project is the result of effective teamwork.

The design method is a path of creative imagination that starts from taking charge of people’s needs and follows an instinctive / innovative product concept, which goes from the market study to the creation and philosophy of participation, up to the finale user and its interaction, paying the utmost attention to a correct and timeless aesthetic in following evocative emotions.

Studio Santiago Sevillano is a product designer for some collections of Mantra company and has also dealt with the art direction of the brand’s graphics and photography.

Mantra is a company that started its lighting business in the mid-2000s. With its approach to conception and design, it has sought to provide “accessible lighting, with design and quality within everyone’s reach”, transforming this claim into a concrete reality. At first, the Mantra catalog was created to satisfy the Spanish market and nearer markets, basing on a wide network of representatives. Today, Mantra is known internationally with its products, especially in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

From the encounter between Mantra and Santiago Sevillano’s creativity, new lighting products for home have been created and designed by Santiago Sevillano Studio and in particular, in 2019 the Himalaya product and in 2020 three new products with different concepts: Collage, Minimal and Vector.

Himalaya, a multifunctional ceiling fan. The inside and outside of the fan are homogenized thanks to its outer casing which suggests the shapes of the fan blades. This lamp combines a ventilation system with a Led lighting that provides an adjustable light in intensity and color, which you can control from a remote control, with a mobile application or even with a voice assistant. Inside it incorporates a fan with transparent synthetic blades adjustable at three speeds and with reverse function for the winter. The external grille, available in white, black and silver, protects the mechanism and promotes uniform air distribution.himalaya_design-by-santiago-sevillano-studio-for-mantra

Collage is a modular collection of ceiling and wall lamps that play with optical illusions. The modules combine together to create compositions that generate a moiré effect, intersecting each other. The light provided by these elements is multidirectional and illuminates both the room and the wall on which they are located. It consists of plates of various sizes that can be combined in different ways to create compositions to be applied to the walls or to be hung from the ceiling. The plates are available in two colors: black or gold, both opaque. The basic principle is that of modularity and the idea is to compose the plates as your desire: from larger compositions for the ceiling to smaller compositions for the corridor and this flexibility is the expression of a playful personalization of the product.collage_design-by-santiago-sevillano-studio-for-mantra-1

The second product of the collection is Minimal whose concept reflects the design of the cloister of a monastery that can be read in the square base of the lamp. From the same concept comes Vector which represents, with an arrow, the movement from one corner of the cloister to the opposite one. For both collections the materials used are metal and aluminium with the possibility of choosing between two colors: white or black.minimal_design-by-santiago-sevillano-studio-for-mantra-9

These original collections of lamps with a great visual impact are designed for both the residential and the hospitality world.