Minimalist vs. Maximalist heating design by Aestus


Aestus, leading British manufacturer of quality designer radiators and towel warmers, respond to the opposing trends for ‘Minimalism and Maximalism’ in the home, with a pair of heating designs that intrinsically promote these beloved art movements …

Steve Birch, Sales Director, Aestus, says, “A minimalist interior décor follows a less-is-more approach with simplicity at its core whereas, designing in excess lets your choice of colour, shape, tone and texture become the main area of focus. As the market continues to experiment with the preferred ‘level’ of decoration in our homes, we want to offer a heating collection that is resolute yet able to adapt to every interior style, every time.”

At the heart of 2020 minimalism home décor is a pared-back aesthetic, inspired by fine-form designs which make life easier. The multi-rail Centro Towel Warmer by Aestus, is the ideal choice for a minimalist bathroom scheme, designed with clean contemporary lines and wall-mounted to create the feeling of more space. A simple concept that combines the elements of practical luxury and minimalist design, Centro offers a modest, yet ultramodern footprint with reduced profile and ladder-style format. The perfect foil to an industrial décor and the epitome of ‘less is more’, Centro is available in six different sizes so you can decide the level of visual-impact._copy-kinetic-012-by-aestus-maximalist-heating-design

In high contrast, Copy Kinetic by Aestus indulges the OTT nature of maximalist interior décors where bold hues, abstract prints and extravagant design take the lead. Featuring a myriad of vivid colours with distinct gradient-effect, Copy Kinetic is a feature radiator that channels the dynamic, elaborate hallmarks associated with maximalist design. Made of mild steel with a tactile glass finish and high heat output, the Copy Kinetic flat-panel radiator is available in 12 multi-coloured designs that include acid greens and citrus shades, to ultraviolet and tertiary blues._copy-kinetic-008-by-aestus-maximalist-heating-design

As a premium heating manufacturer dedicated to the design and creation of original heating solutions, Aestus is dedicated to high quality form and function and the celebration of its highly-skilled artisans crafting a radiator or towel warmer design, just for you.

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