Wine & Dine With Conversation Starters From Living Edge


Whether incorporated into a sitting area, a kitchen, or occupying a dedicated space of their own, a chic home bar can be a perfect setting for relaxation as well as conversation. With Living Edge, you can now replicate a luxe wine bar aesthetic in your home with the latest offerings from Elite To Be, Herman Miller and La Chance. Soon your favourite spot for a nightcap will be in your own home.

Elite To Be Libreria del Vino
Envy the charm and opulence of a wine bar and lounge? Look no further than the Libreria del Vino by Elite To Be.

Made entirely of laser cut iron corten, the Libreria del Vino – Italian for ‘wine library’ – is a timeless, impressive and customisable wine storage solution. The Libreria del Vino can be used in kitchens, wine cellars, wineries and restaurants and makes a distinctive room divider. The modular bookcase is made even more unique by the addition of the rollable ladder, accompanying rails and back lights.screenshot_4

The Libreria del Vino holds different bottle sizes and ensures proper wine storage. The system comes in six different modules and several material furnishings, allowing for complete customisation.

Herman Miller Doubleframe Table
For a luxurious place to sit, the Herman Miller Doubleframe Table provides a strong, quiet anchor, allowing the Elite To Be Libreria del Vino to do all the talking.

Striking in its simplicity, the Herman Miller Doubleframe Table is pared down to a rectilinear form of pleasing proportions and maximum versatility. Corner-placed legs branch into a double-frame that holds an inset tabletop, which can be specified to match or contrast.screenshot_5

The intricacy of its construction is contained with an overall clean, minimalist aesthetic.

La Chance Novy Bor Wine Carafe
Complete the kitchen or dining room with the eye-catching Novy Bor Wine Carafe by La Chance. Inspired by the clouds of smoke emerging from the smokestacks of the factory where the glass is blown, the Novy Bor Wine Carafe is the ultimate statement piece for a home bar.


Named after the region renowned for its glassblowing industry – Novy Bor, Bohemia – the Novy Bor Wine Carafe is crafted into its elegant shape by skilled artisans.

Available exclusively from Living Edge