How to upgrade your bedroom from bland to hotel glam by Satara


Satara has recently extended its range of designer Beds and Bedheads for the commercial and high-end residential markets, aimed at instilling a sense of luxury perfect for elevating a bedroom from bland to hotel glam.

Introducing the handwoven woven and texturally delightful Roxanne, the luxurious and naturally intriguing leather Solaris and natural earthy timber Miller Ranges.

To create a ‘luxury hotel bedroom look’ without the ‘designer price tag’ these 5 simple steps can help to create a glamorous hotel-like bedroom space:

1. Start with a designer bed or bedhead that makes a statement on its own. Whether it’s something woven and textural, light and airy or tall and handsome – your bed/bedhead sets the foundation upon on which all other pieces are built upon.

2. Dress your bed in complementary and on-trend coloured linen and layer it. We’ve adorned our beds with the latest range of Linens and Cushions from Eadie Lifestyle mixing textures, colours and patterns for a luxurious hotel yet and dream-inducing look.miller-bed

3. Stylish storage is essential in a luxury hotel and indeed bedroom. Complimentary or contrasting Bedside tables not only hide bedroom items away but can also enhance your bedroom style with different textures and highlight colours. Ditto woven baskets. Benches at the end of the bed function well for luggage as well as at home for excess cushions or end of the day flung clothes.

4. Include an oversized and colour complementary Occasional Chair. We have a wide range of upholstered, woven and timber occasional chairs perfect for contrasting or blending with our new beds.

5. The rest. A visually balanced bedroom needs artwork, a pile of books or magazines and something natural or green: a plant or floral arrangement adds a natural element to your space essential for any interior space in 2019. Remember odd numbers rule so a cluster of 3 or 5 items works better on a bedside table as do 3 or 5 cushions/pillows on a bed.