How to Choose Kid Friendly Furniture for Your Home


Having a beautiful and well-decorated home seems impossible with kids running around. Many families decide to live in an obsolete and shabby interior until kids become somewhat reasonable beings, whereas others dare to go after the latest home decor trends, while secretly wishing to heavily sedate youngsters. Since both options are unacceptable and one of them is illegal, for those of you who crave for comfortable and fine-looking home, here are some useful tips on how to beautify your place without compromising the kid’s safety or your aesthetic standards. With few smart choices, it is possible to find the middle ground and to protect furniture from kids, or another way around.

Words: Jessie Hogarth

Be practical
Being practical when it comes to style sounds terrible. However, the contemporary furniture design serves the purpose of being elegant, neat and functional. Combine comfort and simplicity and go for a sophisticated, yet low-maintenance pieces that will make the room more bright and spacious. Casual and clear-lined furniture goes well with everything, while it gives the impression of tidiness. Stay away from excessive details, tablecloths, couches with skirts, etc. All of them attract dust, clutter and children’s attention.living_room_style_decoration_simple_happy_decorative_color_colors-943456The right choice of fabrics
Being smart when it comes to choosing the right fabric is half the battle. Look for stain-proof materials, similar to outdoor furniture fabrics (now, there’s an idea). Opt for heavy fabrics like velvet, vinyl, denim, Ultrasuede, or wool since they are highly durable and fairly easy to clean. Another good option is to include microfiber, but as far as high-quality and low-maintenance fabrics go, leather is a best possible choice. For those who are cruelty-free oriented, know that there are many leather alternatives, like pleather that looks like leather and is quite a money-saving on quality and safety
Most injuries among children happen right at home. Kids fall all the time, so that is where furniture plays a big part in keeping them as safe as possible. Go edgeless and look for rounded pieces of furniture. Although you love your cubic coffee table and that bulky showcase, know that is time to put it away (for a while). The great majority of inquiries that removalists Sydney often receive are from the parents who are temporarily storing away unsafe furniture, making their homes less of a death trap for their toddlers. And don’t go cheap on furniture, since heavy and solid furniture will stand the test of time and constant abuse.161fedca0b95e6c4d9733e95312c8a36Embrace camouflage
Just like diamonds, some stains are forever. Since it is impossible to clean the stains right away or to clean them at all, all you can do is to conceal them. Keep in mind that certain textures, patterns, and colors can be a great camouflage for traces of grease, paint or whatever finds its way to your new sofa. Dark fabrics or patterned materials with vibrant colors are a great way to distract attention a make stains less visible. If you are not into geometrical patterns, opt for some tasteful ornamentation that will lift up the room while disguising stains.

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Don’t say goodbye to accessory
Having a kid doesn’t mean you don’t get to keep your Ming vase, only you should place it out of children reach. Place all valuable and potentially dangerous items on a floating display shelf, at least 1, 5 meter above the floor. Also, say goodbye to any trinkets that you put below this height.

Our homes should be functional, comfortable and at the same time, the reflection of our style. Although raising kids implies sacrifices in various aspects of life, our home interior doesn’t have to suffer years-long neglect. With these tips, it is possible to have both, growing kids and a beautiful home.