How to Choose Your Next Home Renovation Project


When choosing which is going to be your next renovation project, you basically need to determine one thing as your starting point: the purpose. Why are you going to make a huge mess in your home? One way or the other, you’re going to turn your house upside down, so you’d better determine your aim clearly. There are two goals you could have. The first is selling the property, while the other is simply a desire to freshen up your living space a little bit.

In case you’re opting for the home improvement with a market appeal in mind, you’d better think long term and invest a proper sum into it. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to risk losing your family and friends, or knock on every bank’s door checking the interest and deciphering fine print. The best alternative would be to turn to a professional company and to see if they can offer you any type of construction loans (guide example). In this way, you’ll have more time to focus on the details of your planned makeover. So, what could you renovate to make your home more attractive on the real estate market?

Words: Sofia Lockhart

See what’s cooking
As it is universally acknowledged, upgrading the kitchen is one of the best (and most costly) projects to take on. Complete upgrading implies the purchase of new cabinets, installing the ever popular island, laminate countertops (or perhaps you could opt for a more expensive and attractive materials such as marble), appliances, a new cooktop, and so on. The kitchen is usually a deal-breaker at buying real estate since that is where a family spends the most time together.remodel_works_hughes-2On the other hand, if you’re planning for your investment to be modest, yet noticeable, try putting recessed lights to make those countertops really shine (everybody loves light), cover the floor, or paint the cabinets into a more attractive nuance.

Be energy efficient
This is a very important issue, regardless of whether you’re planning to sell, or you only wish for your utility bill to be lower. Either way, you should take some steps. Check what you can do about the insulation. Perhaps the time has come to replace the windows, install solar panels, or a new heating system.

Changing the rooms
By this we mean changing the purpose of the room. Though you might be very tempted, you should also be wary. Basically, it doesn’t pay off to turn a bedroom into a study when you see how much it’s going to be estimated on the market. However, if it’s your dream to have one, and your work would much improve, just go ahead and arrange it.attic-2416396_960_720As for the living room or bedroom improvements, they are also said to be nothing but a whim of the homeowner. Perhaps the only change that is worth market-wise is turning the attic into a comfortable bedroom, or having a lovely sunroom downstairs.

Who says home renovation projects are only executed inside the house? There’s plenty to be done around it, too. If you’ve got a green thumb, then you’re probably already enjoying your garden. Buying sprinklers would certainly help maintaining the lawn. There’s probably enough space for more flowers, a pool, or even a tree! Aside from getting your personal pleasure from this view, it’s a fact that a beautiful garden acts as the perfect bait for the buyers.2907368763_59a5ab744e_b

Knock, knock
Once we’re outside, let’s talk about the most overlooked item, and that is the front door. Believe it or not, but changing your front door with a new, impressive one makes a huge difference. By changing only this part of your home, you can’t help but feel proud. Along with some minor improvements, you’ll be under the impression that you’ve redecorated the whole house! As for the real estate price, it will certainly become higher with this comparatively small investment.club_33_front_door_-_panoramio

Last but not the least, make sure you choose a reliable contractor for all those ventures that don’t fit into the DIY category. After deciding what exact changes you are going to make on your home, calculate the expenses and the time needed,  prepare for some hard work, messy rooms, and lots of fun, too.