Lighting Solutions for Every Corner of Your Home


No matter how big your home is, you should always try to keep it as neat and well-maintained as possible. This is sometimes not easy to do, but if you put your mind to it, you’ll surely find a way. From comfy furniture to visually appealing décor, these are the things that make your home special and welcoming. One of the things you should pay attention to is the lighting. Most people insist on great lighting solutions in their living rooms, but not in other areas of their home. Still, every corner of your living space needs to be properly illuminated if you want your place to look amazing. Luckily, doing that is easier than you think, and here’s what you need to do.

Words: Emma Joyce

The living room

This is the most obvious place to start your lighting renovation process. The living room is where you spend a ton of time, hanging out with your family and welcoming your guests. That’s why it needs to be perfectly illuminated and give you a sense of comfort and inner peace.christopher-jolly-gqbu78bdjfm-unsplashFortunately, there are lots of ideas you could explore, depending on the size of your living room and its style. From massive chandeliers and huge floor lamps to subtle accent lights and tiny built-in pieces – you can do it all! Lighting might be just one of the ways to make your living room cozy, but it’s definitely very important. That’s why you should dedicate your time and energy to this project, and create the perfect living room lighting.

The bedroom

This is another important area of your home, but it’s quite different from the living room. This is where you’re supposed to relax and take your mind off everyday things and regain your inner peace. That’s why bedrooms are more private and personal, and their lighting should reflect that. In short, it needs to be subtle, discreet, and calming.

Instead of huge chandeliers that dominate the space, scatter your light sources across the room. Opt for pendant lighting instead, or even string lights. Alternatively, you can always use candles – these will calm you down, and make you feel good. Candles are great solutions for bedrooms, whether you love sleeping or not, so get a few of these right away.

The bathroom

The problem with bathrooms is that they’re usually very small, but they still need proper lighting. After all, this is where you get ready for your day, applying your makeup or shaving your face. That’s why bathroom lighting is crucial, and that’s something homeowners across the world, from Australia to Canada, know quite well.

Installing bathroom lighting on your own doesn’t sound like a lot of work, but it actually is. Not being able to access every corner of this tiny space makes the entire process more complicated and difficult. That’s why you might want to leave this to professionals, which is something the aforementioned Aussie homeowners do quite often. Instead of doing something wrong and risking their lives, they rely on experts. Therefore, they might want to contact an experienced electrician  who can help them out. Only professionals can install proper lighting in such small spaces, so this is a solution you could pick as well.

The kitchen

Again, this is another space with lots of traffic, especially in big families. This is where you prepare healthy meals for your loved ones, so your kitchen has to be bright and inviting. Modern kitchens are usually tiny and have small windows, though, so finding adequate lighting solutions is vital.

Your cooking and eating area are two of the most important parts of your kitchen, so focus on these first. Create lots of light on your workspace with those under-counter light fixtures – these aren’t just helpful, but also visually appealing. Also, look into pendant lights and chandeliers you can hang above your kitchen island or dining table. This way, your family will always be surrounded by light, and your kitchen will look amazing.couch-1835923_1920

In the end, don’t forget that lighting is a very important part of interior design. It’s a project you need to focus on immediately and give every corner a new look. This will make your home exciting and cool, and that’s always good.