Moments away from the Comédie Française and the Louvre, between the Garnier
opera house and the famous Rue Saint Honoré, lies a temple to art and life à la
française: the NOLINSKI. The first parisian hotel of EVOK HOTELS COLLECTION,
this breathtaking, characterful haven bears the hallmark eclectic refinement of
decorator Jean Louis Deniot.screenshot_5
Here in the heart of the capital, wander, explore and seize the moment. An ode to
beauty by day and the City of Lights by night, Paris is a celebration, an exhibition,
a park, a café, a boutique and an opera rolled into one – a whirlwind of culture and
history. From the romance of the Seine to the formidable majesty of the Palais Royal’s
sun-drenched gardens, this eternal tribute to all that is beautiful lies on the Nolinski’s
doorstep. Paris’s heart is yours for the taking. Delve into a stay steeped in emotion!

Upon arrival, a minimalist reception made from Carrara marble. Excellence in
respecting our guests. Excellence in hospitality. In the quiet discretion of its private
apartments, this private home safeguards the secrets of the art of living, in a space
where contemporary aesthetics and classical prestige meet enchantment and flair.
Designed for locals and travellers alike.screenshot_9From bright, luminous rooms and a mineral spa to the Réjane brasserie and the
hushed tones of the Grand Salon, each space is an invitation to let the senses roam
and emotions rise. An intimate setting scented with spices and musk, a musical
atmosphere and the warm softness of velvet or tweed. Hues of blue and emerald
green, precious materials and custom-made furniture and furnishings intertwine to
orchestrate a lyrical and harmonious ensemble. Conviviality served with passion.
The passion of Epicurean experiences and unimaginable dreams, where the art
of attention to detail intuitively paves the way for mystery. Visitors wander through
a world in which luxurious comforts, works of art and Parisian authenticity coexist.

The architect
The architect interior and decorator Jean-Louis Deniot is the embodiment of the
new generation of “Haute Décoration”. The experiment travellers meet up him in
all over the globe in particular in private proprieties projects : Paris, London, Milan,
Capri, Istanbul, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Hong Kong, etc.

His architectural conceptions “coutures” and sophisticated are based on French
classical decorations, revised according to needs and desires of nowadays, while
staying timeless. Thanks to his instinct and his perpetual questioning, Jean-Louis
Deniot is now one the most wanted international designer.

Rooms and Suites

A six-floor odyssey through the clouds created by the sweeping staircase or the
painted mirrors of the lift whisks you up from the hustle and bustle of the ground
floor to the hushed heights of the rooms and suites. The look is suddenly grabbed
by the input-offset corridors, almost crazy. Surprising and unexpected parenthesis.
Jean-Louis Deniot created a true harmony relied on emotions. Space, comfort
and style are the three key elements that define each 45 rooms and suites.screenshot_8Green, raspberry, beige, blue, yellow and tawn, each private apartment reveals
its own colour scheme to enhance the harmony of greys and waxed concrete. All
share the same comforts of beautiful materials, dimmed wall lamps, mouldings
and neoclassical wood panelling, interwoven with a thread of refinement. A
lacquered wardrobe watches over an elegant desk, bearing sculptural and
ceramic souvenirs from its travels in faraway lands, while heavy curtains and plush
carpets provide the ultimate indulgent finishing touch to these little Haussmann
lofts. To all that must be added mouldings with the appearance of claws holding
back gemstone. A confidential charm, windows and balconies opened on the
heart of Paris. Unique feature of the hotel, mouldings retwisted in the form of
claws such as the claws holding the diamonds of a precious ring… The simplicity
of the marble on the ground link with white floor and grey crackled on the wall of
the bathroom allows highlighting the brass details. Having large baths or showers,
they answer to internationals needs.

Regarding suites they are private apartments characterised by art and discretion.
Salvador, Pablo, Ernest, Gustave, Marie…welcome a sieve comfort with hall, room,
bathroom, and living room. Attractive materials and vintage furniture and tailormade
serve to cultivate the parisian refinement. Conceived ingeniously, the suites
distinguish themselves through their luminosity while preserving privacy. The
atmosphere is peaceful and meticulous.screenshot_7

The Josephine suite, the most iconic suite of the Nolinski, provides delicacy and
lightness of furniture lines. Located on the fifth floor of the hotel, it offers majestic
volumes with art pieces of rare delicacy. Equip with balcony to enjoy the amazing
view of l’Avenue de l’Opéra, it is communicating with a Junior Suite to allow
privatising a part of the floor. Quiet and exception. An exclusive gift to residents, the windows and balconies open out onto the heart of Paris itself.