Minimalistic Relief Art to Soothe the Mind


Bring balance, harmony, and a sense of calmness to your home.

Sureen Gouws is an artist, known for her sculptural wall relief art. She aims to create balance, harmony, and a sense of calmness in her art through a minimalist approach. Born and raised in South Africa, Sureen has worked as an architect for many years. After migrating to Australia in 2018, she shifted her focus from Architecture to Art.

sureen-gouws-portriatSureen’s creative process is similar to meditation for her. She reminds the viewer to focus their attention inwards and “reset” their mind. Through her art, she recreates a feeling of Zen for people like her who struggle with anxiety and the demands of everyday life. She hopes that her art will help people unwind from a hectic lifestyle, making them more resilient, productive, calm and happier all around.

“I am drawn to the circle shapes and the inherent energy they embody,” she says.

unfold-blossom“In my work, circles are symbols representing totality, wholeness, flowing energy and balance. My work embodies a zen, meditative and minimalistic philosophy.  I work in soft monochrome colours that create a calm and tranquil background for the flowing lines. It is timeless, not overstimulating and makes us feel grounded.”

sureen-gouws-making-perspective-artwork“With my latest minimalistic range, I’ve challenged myself to only use three lines of the perfect circle shape to create the ultimate ‘less is more’ artwork.”

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