Pro Tips: 6 Essentials for Modernizing Your Kitchen


The kitchen is often thought to be the heart of a home, bringing families together over morning coffees and fresh, home-cooked meals. But if your kitchen is currently in an older, more outdated style, spending time in this room can feel more like a chore than an actually enjoyable experience. For that reason, it’s only natural you might want to update your current kitchen decor, hopefully turning it into both a functional and beautiful space you won’t need to dread anymore. Whether you are looking to make a few small changes or even completely refurbish your kitchen, here are some essential tips that will allow you to effortlessly create a modern and stylish kitchen design.

Words: Chloe Taylor

Update your cabinetrymike-welch-sbvy1vwzxfg-unsplash

The cabinetry is arguably the most prominent feature of your kitchen, which is why updating this aspect will make quite an impactful change in the overall design of your space. Whether you decide to invest in completely new cabinets, or simply put a fresh coat of paint on your existing ones and choose new handles, this one single upgrade will make your entire kitchen feel fresh and new in an instant. In case too much upper cabinetry makes your kitchen look stuffed and outdated, you could also consider removing some of the top cabinets and replacing them with open shelving, in order to achieve a cleaner and roomier kitchen decor.

Choose new countertopssidekix-media-wlbtpryilec-unsplash

Another quite noticeable aspect of your kitchen are the countertops, which could also significantly diminish the overall design of the room. If you currently have the old-fashioned vinyl or tile and grout workspace, it might be time for a change. Nowadays, the options for countertop materials are truly endless, from wood and natural stones like granite and marble to resin and polymer choices, or even ultra-modern brick and concrete solutions. No matter what you opt for, it truly all comes down to your budget, your preferred usage and practicality, as well as the overall kitchen design you are striving for.

Upgrade your appliancesle-creuset-qwusspacy-m-unsplash

Older appliances tend to make your kitchen appear more outdated and run down, not to mention the everyday stress they induce when they’re simply not working properly. For that reason, upgrading your kitchen appliances might be a smart choice, in an effort to turn daily cooking into an easier and more enjoyable experience. But besides the bigger devices like stoves and refrigerators, you might also want to consider investing in practical smaller electrical appliances such as an induction cooker or a gas burner. Not only will these handy appliances significantly improve everyday cooking, but they will also aid in creating a more modern and updated kitchen.

Switch out the flooringjana-heinemann-de0iznfyqhy-unsplash

Apart from the must-have electrical appliances, another design aspect that might have a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen is the flooring. In case old-fashioned linoleum or vinyl floors are currently installed in your kitchen, it might be best to opt for sturdier and more durable options, such as stone and hardwood flooring, or even more affordable wood-mimicking ceramic tiles. Not only do these materials look sleek and modern, but they are also much more resilient, and are bound to look beautiful for years to come. If you already have wood flooring in your kitchen, keep in mind that even a fresh coat of oil or lacquer can go a long way towards modernizing the look of your kitchen.

Install new lighting fixtures


Although often overlooked, lighting is an incredibly important aspect of any interior. Not only does it provide the necessary brightness for the purposes of safety and practicality, but it also helps to create the right atmosphere in your kitchen, while serving as a wonderful design feature as well. To that end, it might be a good idea to combine recessed lighting fixtures for usability with larger overhead pieces above the kitchen island to serve as a focal point. Modern chandeliers and pendant lights in geometric shapes and different shades of metal are currently among the most popular lighting choices.

Consider the colors and finishes

If your kitchen design is currently dominated by darker and deeper-toned colors, it might also explain why the room looks a bit old and dated. Even though there are some incredibly sleek and elegant black and gray kitchens today, the modern kitchen decor most commonly involves lighter, brighter, and more pastel shades. Similarly, the hardware is often in warmer tones of gold, brass, and bronze, while the finishes are a combination of matte and high-shine surfaces. These are all wonderful aspects to consider when designing a more modern and stylish kitchen.sidekix-media-zfgbeikzorg-unsplash-1

Even though upgrading your kitchen might seem like a big undertaking at first, simply selecting more modern colors and materials, and making a few smart and intentional changes, can evidently make your kitchen feel new and fresh once again.